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Radio KOL Donation and Payment Record
February-May 2006
* indicates a special request for the allocation of this donation has been noted.

Donator ID or Payee
Amount Donated or Paid Out
Paypal Fee
Net Change
10-Feb-2006FJ$10.00-$0.59$9.41 $913.54
13-Feb-2006Jick's Cheeseburger (Foos Bobaganoosh)$111.11-$3.52$107.59 $1,021.13
13-Feb-2006LMG$20.00-$0.88$19.12 $1,040.25
14-Feb-2006AC$20.00-$0.88$19.12 $1,059.37
15-Feb-2006AC$50.00-$1.75$48.25 $1,107.62
23-Feb-200624k server payment-$48.00$0.00 -$48.00$1,059.62
23-Feb-200664k server payment-$62.00$0.00 -$62.00$997.62
25-Feb-2006KC$25.00-$1.03$23.97 $1,021.59
26-Feb-2006JF$50.00-$1.75$48.25 $1,069.84
02-Mar-2006LMG$20.00-$0.88$19.12 $1,088.96
05-Mar-2006RW$5.00-$0.45$4.55 $1,093.51
09-Mar-2006AC$50.00-$1.75$48.25 $1,141.76
12-Mar-2006JM$3.00-$0.42$2.58 $1,144.34
18-Mar-2006AT$20.00-$1.08$18.92 $1,163.26
19-Mar-2006KS$20.00-$0.88$19.12 $1,163.26
22-Mar-2006KS$20.00-$0.88$19.12 $1,182.38
23-Mar-200624k server payment-$48.00 $0.00-$48.00$1,134.38
23-Mar-200664k server payment-$62.00$0.00-$62.00$1,072.38
23-Mar-2006DDC$1.73-$0.35$1.38 $1,073.76
13-Apr-2006AMO$20.00-$1.08$18.92 $1,092.68
23-Apr-200624k server payment-$48.00$0.00 -$48.00$1,044.68
23-Apr-200664k server payment-$62.00$0.00 -$62.00$982.68
23-Apr-2006VE$30.00-$1.17$28.83 $1,011.51
23-Apr-2006Teh Club Seal Club Drive$175.00-$5.38$169.62 $1,181.13
24-Apr-2006DM$150.00-$4.65$145.35 $1,326.48
13-May-2006RT$10.00-$0.59$9.41 $1,335.89
17-May-2006LMG$20.00-$0.88$19.12 $1,355.01
23-May-200664k server payment-$62.00$0.00 -$62.00$1,293.01
23-May-200624k server payment-$48.00$0.00 -$48.00$1,245.01

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