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Tom Smith Project
Donation Record

Donator ID or Payee
Amount Donated or Paid Out
Paypal Fee
04 Mar 2012stanley$50.00-$1.75$48.25
05 Mar 2012J L$3.00-$0.39$50.86
05 Mar 2012J M$20.00-$1.08$69.78
05 Mar 2012M P$20.00-$1.08$88.70
05 Mar 2012R M$15.00-$0.74$102.96
05 Mar 2012D R$15.00-$0.74$117.22
08 Mar 2012C M$45.00-$1.61$160.61
11 Mar 2012J S$30.00-$1.17$189.44
30 Mar 2012L D$15.00-$0.74$203.70
09 Apr 2012E H$10.00-$0.69$213.01
22 Apr 2012K E$5.00-$0.45$217.56
24 Apr 2012A P$20.00-$1.08$236.48
01 May 2012P S$10.00-$0.59$245.89
01 Jun 2012D S$20.00-$0.88$265.01
21 Sep 2012J C$10.00-$0.59$274.42
21 Sep 2012E C$75.00-$2.48$346.94
24 Sep 2012C M$10.00-$0.59$356.35

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