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Storytime with Jane
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Author:  janecoder [ Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Storytime with Jane

Hello everyone!

I've been working on a contest to run on my Friday shows, and here it is:

Storytime with Jane

I don't yet know how long this will take, but I'm shooting for "less than an hour" for a round. It's a little involved but you can still participate without being around for the whole time.

This contest is supposed to be kind of an interactive adventure story, starting with one story that branches into several. I'll tell a part of the story and give two options. From there, anyone in radio chat (or IRC!) who wants to play has one song to let me know via a private message what they do- I'll play two or sometimes three, but please try to let me know during the first because I won't accept answers after I start talking. I'll be telling the parts of the story that are happening concurrently all at once. Anyone who's already started should listen for their name and try to respond to the segment of the story that applies to them.

New players can join mid-game. If you miss a round, you can only rejoin as late as one round later- please PM me if you are confused. Players can also be eliminated by things that happen in the game- things like getting stuck, getting arrested, or getting thrown into space out an airlock. As soon as there's only one player left, nobody else can join or rejoin.

Here's an example:

"Sorceress and Chatbot, you've made it to the security room. There are CRTs showing what's going on throughout the rest of the building, some cleaning supplies, and two empty swivel chairs. There's a switch here that controls the security robots. Do you: A) Turn off the switch, or B) Joust with mops and swivel chairs? Now, Brony, goldslayer007, and SomeOtherRandomDude, you've driven the golf cart to the warehouse, but you're accosted by a pair of security robots. They start charging their lasers menacingly. Do you 1) 'Floor it' and try to get past, or 2) Ditch the cart and hide behind the storage crates?"

At the next break, Brony hasn't responded, SomeOtherRandomDude is apprehended by the robots, and Chatbot and Sorceress injure each other mop-jousting. Now goldslayer007 is the only player. No new players can join and since we're down to one person Brony can't rejoin either.

And these are the prizes:

If someone makes it to the "Winning" ending, meat is divided between everyone who makes it. A special prize will be awarded to one of the winners by a roll. A trophy is awarded everyone who participated, and anyone who played from the start until they won or were eliminated gets a small prize.
If everyone is eliminated or if no responses come in for a round, meat is divided between everyone who participated, and anyone who played from the start until they were eliminated gets a small prize.

Special prize: It's a mystery!
Meat prize: At least 500,000 meat, more if there are many participants.
Small prize: 3 superhuman cocktails or something equivalent.
Trophy prize: A small item that relates to the theme of the story.

Hope to see you on Friday :)

Author:  janecoder [ Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

I really enjoy writing these so I'll probably link the finished ones here later on, too.

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