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Teroh's Anniversary Extravaganza!
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Author:  Lord_Teroh [ Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Teroh's Anniversary Extravaganza!

For my 4-hour show this Monday, September 30, I will be celebrating my 1-year DJversary! And what sort of party would it be without FREE STUFF! That's right, I've got millions of meat of stuff to give away to my lucky listeners.

NOTE: All messages are to be sent in the form of a Kmail to my prize multi, TerohBot <#2238087>. All other entries will be considered invalid.

All prizes will be rolled off at the end of the ‘replay’ portion of the show.

Contest 1 “Losers Can Win Too!”
Grand Prize: Bastion key
Contest Rules: Not exactly a contest, the non-winners from all the contest roll-offs will be entered into a consolation prize drawing, with a chance to win a Steam key for the indie game hit, Bastion! DJ’s are free to enter other contests during the show, but will only be added to this drawing.

Contest 2 “Whatever Could This Be?”
Grand Prize: OP Shield
Second Prize: 50 Ocean Motion (x5)
Contest Rules: A random KoL Wiki article will be chosen, and small excerpts will be read from it. Listeners will have until the end of the next song (or two?) to submit their guess as to what article it is. All the correct guesses will be entered into a prize pool for an Operation Patriot Shield, with the non-winners rolling off for one of 5 sets of 50 Ocean Motions.

Contest 3 “Let’s Do Shots!”
Grand Prize: 1 Phish Stick
Second Prize: 50 Ocean Motion (x10)
Contest Rules: Over the course of the show, there will be a number of artists played back to back. When there is a multi-shot, send me a message with the text “I want to win”, along with the artist. (Limit 1 entry per person, per artist.)

Contest 4 “All About the Numbers”
Grand Prize: 1 RBC (x2)
Second Prize: 50 Ocean Motion (x5)
Contest Rules: Whenever a song features a number in its title, you have until the end of the song to message me with a guess of how many times I have played that song (be sure to include the song title). Extra points will be awarded if a “maximum listener count” guess is correctly made.

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