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Bam's 9 Year KoLiversary!
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Author:  Bam [ Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Bam's 9 Year KoLiversary!

NINE YEARS! z0mg! 8O

So yeah. November 9 marks 9 years since I started playing KoL. And what a looooong, strange trip it's been. What am I doing? Giving stuff away!

There's 2 main prizes. One for listeners only and one for anyone that feels like entering for it.

How will this work? Simple. During the course of my show I will play 9 songs. You will keep track of those 9 songs and send me the artist name and song title. I will not give you the names of the songs, you're going to have to figure that out. Yes, you can Google. At least one song will REQUIRE searching. I Googled it, myself, so I know it can be found.

This one is easier. Between now and my show on November 9 (4p ET) kmail me (Bam [#291172]) the total number of balls in my DC. During my show, I'll have chatbot roll from the correct answers and whoever she picks wins!

ETA: There's no trick to the equation. Everything on the ball shelf counts as balls. That's it.

A HUGE, Special Thank You! to Starkmoon for the prizes!

There will also be food and booze given away randomly during the show and possibly music trivia.

So come hang out with me Saturday, November 9 at 4p ET!

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