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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:22 am 
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Radio-KOL DJ

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For the month of AUGUST Gmorg will be asking listeners questions about their favourite Tasmanian Devil DJ.

Each correct answer adds 1000 meat to the total prize pool- the more correct answers, the higher the prize pool will be. There will be four questions asked each week, during the MONDAY show 4-6 am EDT/6-8pm AEST. DJ’s and MULTIS are welcome to enter, however, they must disclose their status on their first entry. DJ’s are not eligible to win prizes, but will be awarded a special RADIO INCENTIVE PACKAGE.

Answers are to be KMAILED (green Message) to Gmorg to be considered valid. The questions for week one can be KMAILED to Gmorg until the start of her show on 08/08.

PRIZE POOL: First prize is 1,000,000 meat, a Radio Button Candy, A gold star and supportive bra (for being a supporter of Radio KoL) and 1/3 of all meat accumulated by correctly answering the questions.

Second and third prizes are 125,000, 1/3 of all meat accumulated by correctly answering the questions, a radio button candy, a gold star and supportive bra (for being a supporter of Radio KoL).

The first question is answered by 4 listeners, 3 are correct this means 3000 meat goes into the prize pool.
The second question is answered by 5 listeners and all five get it correct- 5000 meat goes into the prize pool, elevating it to 8000 meat.
The third question is answered by 4 listeners and nobody gets it right- the prize pool stays at 8000 meat.
The fourth question is answered by 2 listeners and both get it correct- the prize pool rises to 10,000 meat.

This is repeated for each Monday in August

At the end of the month all the correct answers will be tallied, the total of the meat will be divided by three for each of the three prizes.

Places will be determined by the total number of answers, both correct and incorrect, received by Gmorg for the contest. This applies to MAIN CHARACTERS ONLY. In the case of a draw a dice roll will decided the winner.

Who won the “Soft Kitty” intro contest? A: Pineapple of Despair
Name four DJ’s or /Radio Regulars with tributes in the /radio regular and DJ set. Answers included: Pineapple of Despair, Panda Pants, Salad Shooter, Dryhad, Moth, BlindingPhil, SheepDip, Torturelini, Laureth, Bam, Haplo, Tipsie, Lord Dizzy, PVA, Gmorg, LittleFox, Bodisaniwi,
What is Gmorg’s Island Home surrounded by? A: Kraken
What is Gmorg’s favourite beverage? A: Coffee

**Questions for Week Two**
What Time is Gmorg’s Monday Show in AEST? A: 6pm to 8pm
What is Gmorg’s Dog’s name and who was she named for? A: Kenzi, named for the character Kenzi in Lost Girl
Who are Catbug, MiniG, and the MiniDJ? A: Gmorg's Daughters and Godson
Name four of Gmorg’s favourite foods. A: ANswers could include- Bacon, Chocolate, Krispy Kremes, Tim Tams, Potatoes

**Questions for Week Three**
If Gmorg was to say “BAWSTUN” in /radio chat, who or what would she be referring to? Laureth OR The Devil came up to Boston by Adam Ezra Group
Name three things Gmorg likes to do aside from be a DJ on Radio KoL? Art, Craft, Crocheting, Painting, Joey Scouts, Playing with her dog,
Where does Gmorg go on Tuesday evenings? Joey Scouts
Where did Gmorg work with Tasmanian Devils? Devils@Cradle, Cradle Mountain OR Field Research with UTAS.

**Questions for Week Four**
Which special person in Gmorg’s life had their birthday in the last week? Her Mother
Which “Rule” of Radio KoL mentions Gmorg by name? 46.3
In Gmorg’s Display Case is a shelf titled “Thinking about the TARDIS” from the contents of the Shelf, can you decipher the rhyme and what it refers to."Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue." How Amy Pond remembered the Dr. For her wedding.
How can you get Gmorg to play your request? List 4 of the 6 methods. Blue message, green message, ask nicely in /radio, facebook, twitter, email

**Questions for WEEK FIVE.**
What is Gmorg’s favourite Character Class in KoL?
Name something that Gmorg collects in Real Life
When did Gmorg become a DJ with Radio KoL?
What animal does Gmorg Roleplay in /radio chat most frequently?

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