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Thanks for your interest in donating to keep Radio KOL “on the air”.

Radio KOL is completely funded by listeners and fans. Your donations will be used only for purposes directly related to the running of the station. At the current time, the only things your donations might be used for are:

Radio Server Fees
Radio Website Hosting Fees
Radio-kol domain registration fees
If you wish to be identified in the Donations and Spending Records in some way other than your initials, please send an e-mail to at

Recognition – Anyone who donates to the radio is entitled to a special special icon and designation in the forums as “Radio Patron”. The special badge looks like this: 6accs.gif
To get your badge and title, send an e-mail to at with your donation information and User ID at the radio forums. Don’t worry if you don’t want to be recognized. This will only be done for those who specifically request it.

Donation and Spending Records
We aim to update them every two months. We often fail.
If it’s been over two months since the last update and you want to nudge us, send an e-mail using the website comments link in the sidebar.


New Donation account Records from November 2010 to November 2011
New Donation account Records from November 2011 to November 2012
Donation Record for the special Tom Smith Project
Note that from August 2012 to October 2012, the radio was running in deficit. This has now been ‘repaid’ and more detail can be found on the forums.

Links to the older records can be found in the Donation Archive

If you wish to donate, please click on the “Donate” button above, or send to the paypal user ‘’ (please do not send e-mail to that address, as it will not be read)

Finally, If you wish to be identified some other way than by your initials in the donation records, you can now include that in your subscription information.