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&lt;b&gt;Every Gosh Darned Day!&lt;/b&gt; Radio KoL is being awesome, let everyone know.


Imagine a radio station without commercials, adverts, Public Service Announcements, and without the same songs being played over and over again.  Now imagine a station that has a diverse staff of DJs, who all play a wide variety of genres, including non-mainstream music, live music and unreleased songs.  Welcome to Radio KoL.

If this is your first experience with Radio KoL, you are in for a real treat!  The coolest on-air talent and Kingdom of Loathing in-game prizes will keep you coming back for more!  Have a look around.  Take some time to get to know YOUR DJs &amp; their music!

&lt;center&gt;&lt;b&gt;Got comments?&lt;/b&gt;  Visit the [[ListenerFeedback]] page &amp; let us know what you think about Radio KoL.&lt;/center&gt;
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    Start Listening NOW!
    (Temporary links for our brand new server - elegant, finely-crafted links coming soon!)
    24k Server:
    64k Server:
    &lt;!--TRIAL 128k Server link:;

Radio KoL is a nonprofit, volunteer online internet radio station.  It is the official un-official radio station for  We are live on air 24/7 year round without interruption for your listening pleasure.  

Because streaming online radio is not subject to any broadcasting content regulations, shows may contain swearing, frogs, adult themes and potentially offensive content.  Listener discretion is advised.  Please view individual DJs' profiles for more information on their show content.

&lt;center&gt;Thanks for making Radio KoL a part of your day!

Radio KoL - A Radio Station is Us!&lt;/center&gt;

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