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After a summer hiatus, Heartless Radio went off the air on August 14, 2010. <X3
What a long, strange trip it's been.


Currently Playing : Warren Zevon - Keep Me in Your Heart

Eclectic Pagan mom, all around vagrant, activist, anal-retentive DJ, wanna be singer, dieting guru, and Clerks 3 hopeful. A constant insomniac - though not always by choice - and wanna-be Agoraphobe. The Radio Macro Queen. Fond of ellipses, black roses and other girly things. An ubiquitous, evanescent, delicate fucking flower.

ADeadHeart - Internalizing nothing but her emotions. <X3

Heartless Radio


After a year and a half of feeding Radio KoL DJs mistagged MP3s, ADeadHeart joined the station in November of 2005.

Inspired by her real life DJing madness, she chose an eclectic mix of Music for the Masses[1], preferring themed shows to randomness. (Since random shows have this odd tendency to turn into EMO[2] glorification, completely by accident.)

The opposite of Family Friendly, you can usually check out Heartless Radio in the daytime hours of the Eastern Time Zone. Listen for Girl Angst, Industrial, Techno, 80s, 90s, Instrumentals, Hip Hop, and Player Made Music (ADH often sponsors player made Karaoke contests in honor of her long term gig as DJ Heartless.) A definite preference for Mashups and Covers will be noticed immediately, as will a nearly undetectable Southern accent.

ADeadHeart does accept donations for prizes, however you will rarely, if ever, hear her ask for them. Such items can be sent to ADH, who is her non-ascending prize-multi.

Commonly Heard on Heartless Radio: Progressive trance, nerdcore, covers [3], mashups [4], and everything from Lacuna Coil and Devil Doll[5], to Ani and Chris Gaines [6]...all the way to Fort Minor and Nine Inch Nails and Alice in Videoland [7] to Eminem. Erm...and Freezepop [8] to Nelly Furtado!

ADeadHeart does indeed have an infrequently updated list of the music she has available. It changes quite often as she deletes stuff she never plays and adds CDs she finds in the car, under the couch, behind the computer and buried in boxes she has yet to unpack from TDM's garage/attic/available storage facility. (TDM is ADH's mother.) You can view this disaster (from August of 2007 and really not reliable at ALL) here.

Important Information:

Just to make sure you understand. All of your Cheetos belong to ADH. Eat them and watch porn. (Though ADH does not watch porn.) You might as well give her your bloody beer, too.

THE RULES: Heartless Radio does not allow the following words: Love, Marriage, Cock and Cute. These terms are now referred to as the L word, the M word, the C word and the OTHER C word. Thank you. (If you insist on breaking this rule just to be a jackass, ADH will probably baleet you. Please consider expanding your vocabulary. You do not LOVE a song. 30-year-old woman are not CUTE. LOVE and MARRIAGE didn't make Al Bundy happy and they sure as hell don't fly on Heartless Radio.) ADH IS the only Macro Queen. There can be no other. Do not try to take this from her. Do not call ADH if your family member is having a stroke. Call 911. Seriously.

Again, Heartless Radio is rarely, if ever, most likely never, Family Friendly. Occasionally you will hear precocious speeches from ADH's daughter. This makes the show only slightly more Family Friendly. Flirting with ADH when her child is in chat or on the air has been hailed as strictly verboten. Everyone violates this rule because it's funny to hear what the child says. But it's not really funny. It's not...

All rights have been reserved. Heartless Radio should not be recorded for personal use and you may not use the recordings for public broadcast or other transmissions. In addition, you may not make available any recordings or derivative works without permission. Restrictions apply.

Show Times


Subject to change!

Heartless on Hiatus

  • Requests are occasionally/rarely accepted on Heartless Radio. When they are, ADH prefers requests that come from legal sources. There are many artists who offer free downloads, etc. Please share such artists with your DJ.

Skaraoke Contests


In 2006, ADH held two Skaraoke contests, one for a Crazy Bastard Sword and one for a full set of Radio Gear. Sex Change Skaraoke was born when Karl Dark sang his way to the top of the Radio KoL charts with his Butt Sexy, Drunken rendition of "Slow Hand" by the Pointer Sisters. With entries from the newest Radioite all the way up to a fantastic rendition of Madonna's"Hanky Panky" from Mr Skullhead himself!

In May of 2007, Sex Change Skaraoke, Part the Second was born. With over 70 entries from listeners and other DJs, the show was aired on Saturday, June 23rd, from 1-6:30am, Eastern Time.

Voting was assisted by former Noblesse Oblige member turned Dev Team CDMoyer, who created this fantastic site. It allowed for simple, accurate voting and will hopefully be abused by ADH for future contests.

Listeners used this magical voting site to choose their favorite listener entry, their favorite DJ contribution and the song they felt was the most worthy of the name 'Skaraoke'. ADeadHeart also picked her own personal favorite.

Annnnnd the winners are (were):

ADeadHeart's Choice:
Blue Pearls - Cradle of Love

Radio's Choice:
1st FembotArtsyPants - (Has No) Self Esteem (Silly) (Originally by Offspring)
2nd bewaremybrain - I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Originally by The Darkness)
3rd sgeek - Call Me When You're Sober (Originally by Evanescence)

These 4 winners evenly split a prize package valued at over 215 million meat.

Bezman, with "Get the Loathing Started" (Originally by Pink) won nearly 1000 Drab Sonatas in a CLOSE race for the true meaning of Skaraoke.

ADH refuses to discuss the DJ winner. At any length. <X3

In an effort to allow the thousands of people who did not have a chance to complete their entry, Rain Check Skaraoke was not so quickly arranged. With many repeat contestants and a hysterical song selection, this contest aired on August 16th. The original thread can be seen here. First place was taken by neko_chan314 for her hilarious yet sexy version of "My Ding-a-Ling" and a surprise second place was awarded to elle_belle (Ellewood Blues) for her rendition of "Soul Man".

Yuletide Trolling Karaoloke

In November of 2007, Karaoloke was born. While this is not the first time ADeadHeart has sent Crimbo songs to her listeners, it is the first official Crimbo Skaraoke Contest. For details on this newest edition of Skaraoke GLORY, you need only click here (to check it out on the forums) or here (where you can also join the RKoL LJ Community). The contest aired on December 21st, 2007, from 8-11pm, Eastern time.

Annnnnd the winners are (were):

ADeadHeart's Choice:
bewaremybrain - Ave Maria (with the glorious addition of Latin Chickens)

Radio's Choice:
1st geekrockgirl85 - Silent Night
2nd LdySaphyre - Christmas Day
3rd BluePearls - Santa Baby

These 4 winners evenly split a prize package valued at over 41 million meat (Which they still need to get on about collecting, lest their totally ungreedy DJ keep it for herself.)

DJ Winner
The DREAD Pirate Wesley - All I Want for X-Mas is My Two Front Teeth

Ring in the New Year Skaraoke Roulette

December of 2008 brought new and wicked ideas to ADeadHeart. Ring in the New Year Skaraoke Roulette took over the karaoke masses as contestants worried over what song The RNG (in fact our much adored Chatbot) would choose for them from a list of 127 hand-picked songs of gloriousness and wonder. Everything from Ace of Base, Prince and The Monkees to classics from Khia, Right Said Fred and Celine Dion.

Many clamored to be the recipient of song '#7' as they desperately wished to legitimately Rickroll the contest. In fact, though '#7" was never rolled by Chatbot, several chose to roll their contest songs anyway - winning them both votes and whimpers - while some chose to simply record the song completely as an additional skaraoke tribute.

For the first time, ADeadHeart has enforced a NEW rule. Those who entered the contest but did not send in a song have been forever BANNED from entering further skaraoke competitions. The only exceptions to this rule are those who were maimed, ill, hospitalized, had squirrels eating their cable wires, or were otherwise previously excused by the DJ through actual conversation.

With the help of former Radio KoL DJ Duckyfresh, ADH was able to award glorious meat and prizes to multiple winners as is always promised to the brave skaraoke crooners of our great kingdom.

CDMoyer again assisted with the voting site of greatness.

But in the end there could be only one. Well. Three.

Annnnnd the winners are (were):

ADeadHeart's Choice:
Lady Arsenic - Jeremy (Originally by Pearl Jam)

Radio's Choice:
Best song evar: Chadomancer - Every Breath You Take (The Stalker Song) (Originally by The Police)
No thank you helping: Abilee - She's Got Issues (Originally by The Offspring)

Lady Arsenic was awarded 25 million meat, a Radio KoL Bottle Opener and a RBC while Chadomancer and Abilee chose two items each from ADH's vast prize vault.

For a VERY short time, the show (with edits for legality) can be downloaded (preferably not streamed) from here:

Ring in the New Year Skaraoke Roulette Show

Listener Comments



ADeadHeart is, (one of the) most talented DJ that Radio KOL has been blessed by having on it's staff. With the ability to coherently put together playlists that transition between tracks and genres with the skill only (an experienced) DJ is capable of, ADeadHeart takes her job with the utmost resolve, and gives only the best to her listeners. An endearing personality, with strong opinions, backed up by a sharp intellect and quick wit, ADeadHeart is above and beyond your average host.

Having an extremely diverse taste in music, Heartless Radio is almost guaranteed to introduce you to music you haven't heard before; spanning from Country to Electronic, and everything inbetween.


ADeadHeartyPants is the best ever for a few reasons. First reason, she pretends like she doesn't like pink. She so does. Reason number two is her sheer SEX GODDESS PLUS PLUS standing. Thirdly is the fact that Chatbot adores her. Clearly, this is a reason for much <3. ADH's show is all about variety. Stay tuned long enough, and even the hardest to please will hear a song that they like. ADH keeps her music flowing with her playful banter and funny stories. Her following is loyal, and at times, stalkerish. When listening to ADH's show, there are a few necessary items you should keep next to your computer: red bull, some cheetos (crunchy, the poofs are for girls.), and at least a half a pack of cigarettes. In the event of a reschedule, and ADH is NOT available in her usually slotted time, take some drastic measures. Put your head between your knees and attempt to breathe deeply. Do NOT try to call 411 and get her phone number. Do NOT drink ipecac. Remain calm and in control. You CAN get through this.


ADeadHeart has stood out to me from all the other DJ's I've heard on Radio KoL. My time seems to put me on Radio KoL mostly in the evenings, but I've had a chance to get on in the mornings a few times, yet I'm always drawn back to ADH's show. Not only is she enjoyable to listen to speak and sing, but she also chooses from a wide variety of music to vary her shows from day to day. Especially enjoyable is her willingness to be open and communicate with the players instead of just playing music most of the time.


I listen to RKoL a lot, but the only DJ I try to catch every time she's on is ADeadHeart. Her sultry voice and eclectic music collection help her to stand out as a true professional. Nobody can multitask like ADH. She'll often times be involved in several chat and private conversations and still, somehow, queue up a relevant song or request... and I love her! <#3


There isn't really any other way to put it than "Wow". The show is incredibly varied. From The Mandatory Monday Mix filled with awesome dance, techno, trance and any other type of music related to that, to listener requests, to shows dedicated to random things like "Songs that have State Names in them". When you listen to ADeadHeart you will be amazed. If you want mash-ups than you will probably have to look no further.

Oh, and how could you go wrong with a voice like that?

Yet, I think what appeals to me the most about her is that she has such a wide range of music favorites, just like I do. Thus...I've come to the point where I try to be there for almost every one of her shows.


From her eclectic choices in music to her heart-throbbing laugh, ADeadHeart seems to inspire fandom in even the newest of her listeners whenever she is on Radio-KoL. Not one to hide behind her music for the entire show, if one listens closely during her sets they can sometimes make out the dulcet tones that she occassionally graces her listeners with... usually accompanied by much begging for more.

Whether you like mellow instrumental tracks, a variety of techno, some hardcore rock and roll, or even some showtunes, ADeadHeart has it all, and wraps it up in the most beautiful and addictive package imaginable. ADeadHeart fandom lives.

And she still makes my daddy parts orange.

Rawk the Slayer

I should really say lots of nice things, as I forget how many show intros I have done for ADH so far, and have also added "one or two" songs to her sizeable music collection... But I won't. It was fantastic visiting her when I was thousands of miles from home, and being part of (at least) one of ADH's shows, but all I will remember, apart from getting boozed-up, was THAT BLOODY BLUNT SONG. Grrrr.


Whether your staying up all night to catch the Mandatory Monday Morning Mix, or catching her Friday night show as The Kingdom goes down on her, ADeadHeart always seems to play just the right music for the moment. Years of professional DJ experience shines through as she seamlessly crafts her playlists, piecing requests into her planned sets.

ADH was the first DJ I was acquainted with, and remains my favorite DJ to this day. With her velvety voice occasionally singing along beautifully, and her great collection of mashups, Industrial/not-goth, bouncy trance, and a gigantic collection of other music, there have been very few songs I've requested that she hasn't had. And after four months of devoted listening, I don't think I've heard an ADH show I didn't like

A Naked Jew

Heart so dead that there ain't no mending,

Innocent-wicked, had a habit of sending

Mistagged song files, DJ surprises;

Emotions are all she internalizes.

Her eyes are piercing, like they each got a claw

To see right through you she tears you like straw

I'm fully convinced that she could easily hex me

She's ADeadHeart, now sign it off, less-than-X-three.


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Yes, there are ADH T-shirts
There have always been T-shirts
Sexy ones, even

Last.FM - In case there's OTHER music you might like!

No, I'm not Twitter-pated. It's called Heartless Radio for a reason.
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