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Important: Please read first.

KoL and Radio KoL are completely seperate. So seperate in fact, that any discussion about how to advertise the game should probably not take place here. I'd recommend using the KoL Community forums, and discussing it with Asymmetric themselves.

No disrespect intended to those who wish to help, but Radio KoL has been stung more than once in the past by well-meaning third-party promotions, so this page has already made me nervous. Before taking any actions, please, please clear all ideas with opai & the Admin (between us we handle almost all RKoL promotions). What will most likely happen is that if your idea is good then we'll produce it for you, making it 'official' & ensuring you won't be liable for any fallout if it goes wrong (we'll still give you full credit for coming up with the idea in the first place).

Any questions etc, I'll be happy to discuss, just let me know. --Opai 09:09, 3 April 2010 (EDT)



To generate interest in the game and radio by word-of-mouth, advertising, and banners.


  • The game itself is copyrighted by Asymmetric Publications, LLC & needs to be attributed as such.
  • The radio station is not controlled by Asymmetric and is a separate entity.
  • The radio station has no official advertising budget.
  • Advertising / banner ads should focus on the game; promoting radio over the game may strain resources or attract too much attention (copyright concerns per music submissions is one).
  • Major advertising campaigns for radio should be coordinated with Opai or Pasta Far Eye.

NOTE:Amplitude has announced his resignation from RKoL effective the end of April, 2010. For the time being, we have no official station manager.

Ideas to implement

  • Banner ads for radio or game
  • Volunteer Facebook ads for game (or get Asymmetric to run them)
  • Posts on social-networking sites: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon

Similar efforts

  • ERepublik players use stat banners and forums to coordinate their various characters and in-game political parties.

How did this come about?

Late night/early morning chat on a Sunday in March, 2010: Pigtail II was hosting; mpadams was asking questions; others chimed in.

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