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(Current Contest)
(Current Contest)
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====Current Contest====
====Current Contest====
[20:14] AiluroDragon: Contest! Leaving aside the intro soundtrack music, Today's song selections all share a theme!
AiluroDragon finally gave away Rutabega's tiny plastic sword, in a contest that was surprisingly short!
[20:14] AiluroDragon: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me what that theme is.
[20:14] AiluroDragon: You may enter multiple times, BUT
[20:14] AiluroDragon: you may only enter once per set. (A set is the teim from when I stop talking, until I start talking again.)
[20:15] AiluroDragon: To enter, /msg 48760 (your answer)
Prizes: tiny plastic sword, some meat, and Smerft's D roll. (Also some selections from the Invariel shelf.)
He has a goodly number of donations, though, so remind him that he said on his wiki page that he needs to have moar contests!
==Listener Contributions==
==Listener Contributions==

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 Show Name:  Under the Kilt 
 Prize Multi:  Muso Dragon 

 Age:  38 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Minnesota 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
see schedule



Request info! Right here at the top! No excuses for missing it!

Ailuro will play requests, be they via in-game PM (blue-message) for music he already has, or files in mp3/ogg format sent in via e-mail to He can convert other, non-DRM formats to mp3, but don't expect him to do it during his show. If he doesn't get to your request in the current show, he'll put it in the queue for his next show.

Ailuro's current music library can be found here, and will be updated on a semi-regular basis. Thanks to Wombatilim for hosting.

When sending requests, please title the file thus: "artist - song title.mp3" (or .ogg - y'know).


Ailuro Dragon, or Ailuro for short, (pronunciation: [ay LOOR oh] or [eh LOOR oh]) is a DJ on Radio KoL.

Ailuro was hired simultaneously with RisbyRoan, and also one day earlier. Her first show was 14 hours before his, and also 5 hours later. Aren't time zones fun? He misses having his wifey as a fellow DJ but occasionally plays The Cat Empire to dull the pain.

Ailuro is mildly famous for wearing his Utilikilt a lot at KoLCon and other meets. He wears it so much because it's darn comfortable.

Ailuro is mildly infamous for answering the question "What have you got on under that kilt?" by demonstration. Contrary to (apparently) popular belief, he doesn't flash people who don't want to see, except by accident. (Sorry, Rutabega.)

Ailuro's clan does not accept applications from players that he or existing clan members do not know in real life, and almost all clan members are personally known to him or to Wombatilim.

Ailuro notes some of his anniversaries here, for reference.

  • Birth: 29 July.
  • KoL Player: 29 April.
  • First Radio KoL Show: 18 February.



Ailuro's official time slot (all times US Eastern, like the Radio Schedule) is:

  • Thu 2100-midnight

[These times effective 'til Q4 2014.]

He sometimes sneaks in to cover other DJs when they are not available. Like a ninja. But not like a teenager, mutant, or turtle. Well, maybe like a mutant.


Ailuro's got somewhat eclectic tastes, so you never know what you're going to hear when you tune in to his shows, but you're probably not going to hear that much rap/hip-hop, since he doesn't have much of that.

(Request info moved to top of page)

Ailuro will sometimes do a themed show, or a show with double-shots or more, or an album side, or who knows what else. See "eclectic", above.

Ailuro likes to sing karaoke requests during his shows, and also does readings from some of his (or your) favourite literature. Voice your opinions on this on his talk page.


Ailuro sometimes holds contests, so long as his prize multi has donations in his display case. -hint- The contests are likely to be more involved and rewarding on his longer shows, but they may just be more numerous.

Members of the Radio KoL staff are not eligible to win his contests.

Players are generally not eligible to win contests that ask questions to which they hold the priveleged information that reveals the answer. For instance, no clan member would be eligible to win a contest that asked the question: "How many ice-cold Sir Schlitzes are in my clan's stash?" People who are often in his room would be ineligible to win a contest that asked questions about things in his room. However, clan members would be eligible to win a contest that asks a question that people who have met Ailuro at Con or careful listeners would have an advantage in answering.

A player may be able to answer multiple times, depending on the contest, but multis are never eligible for contests.

He is working on ideas for future contests involving puzzles or otherwise not easily solved by Google or Wikipedia, as well as Kingdom-based contests. If you think you have a neat idea for a contest that is fair to most everyone, feel free to share it with him on his talk page.

Typically, if more than one listener gets the correct answer, Ailuro will ask chatbot to roll a die to determine the winner. In certain cases he may split the prize.

He currently has the following repeating contests:

1 to 100

Ailuro will come up with a question about something from his life. He may give some hints, which may or may not be useful. The answer to the question will be a number from 1 to 100. Entrants are permitted one answer only, and the closest answer wins. Entrants typically have two songs (so, 5-10 minutes) to answer.

I Spy/20 Questions

Ailuro will look around his room and choose something he sees. He will indicate what letter it begins with. ("I Spy, with my Little Eye, something that begins with F.") Listeners are permitted to ask yes/no questions to help clarify what it is Ailuro sees. ("Is it bigger than a breadbox?") Before each song, Ailuro will state how many yes/no questions a listener may ask during the song. A listener may only ever make ONE direct guess ("Is it Freddie Mercury?") during a song, which counts against the number of questions zey can ask.

Send your questions in a Kmail (green message) (in-game mail) (Texas tea). Preferably, all in one Kmail.

After the song ends, Ailuro will answer all the questions in arbitrary order. If a correct direct guess was given during the song, the contest is over, and anyone who gave that direct guess is eligible for the prize.

Ailuro likes to make this contest tricky - previous "somethings" include "Final Fantasy VIII" (the case of the PlayStation game was sitting on his printer) and "Somewhat Poisoned" (the effect was visible in his character pane).

How much did I get?

Related to 1 to 100, in this contest, Ailuro will fight a monster and leave his current outfit on. He will tell listeners which effects he has active (which may or may not be relevant), and he will ask how much of a "something" he just got. If math and/or research is involved in listeners giving a reasonable estimate, Ailuro will tell you how long you have.


In this contest, Ailuro will post a series of moves as though the listeners were a player in a game of Clue. (Follow the link if you are unfamiliar with the game's rules.) He will post the cards the listener 'player' holds, and how the other players in the game take their moves and make Suggestions, as well as the Suggestions made by the listener 'player'. New information will be posted at regular intervals during the show.

Listeners are permitted to make ONE 'Accusation' via Kmail (green message) to AiluroDragon, during the show. Once a correct Accusation is received, no more clues will be posted, and the prize will be awarded from among correct Accusations received in the interval before the next clue would have been posted. (Clear as mud? Example: if Ricket^H^H^H^H^H^HQuisalas sends in a correct answer, any correct answer sent in before Ailuro would have given the next clue is eligible for the prize.)

Current Contest

AiluroDragon finally gave away Rutabega's tiny plastic sword, in a contest that was surprisingly short!

He has a goodly number of donations, though, so remind him that he said on his wiki page that he needs to have moar contests!

Listener Contributions

If you have something to say, put it in Ailuro's talk page. If Ailuro likes it, he'll migrate it into this page.

Ailuro wants you to answer the questions he's put on the talk page! Click the linky!

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