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Basic Information

AlBassoon is a Radio Kol DJ and a chat moderator with shows on Tuesday afternoons from 4-6 and Saturday afternoon 2-4, US Eastern time.

Contact Information

Radio Information

206500_2.gif AlBassoonbyeLLasagnasmall.jpg DJAlbassoon.jpg

AlBassoon became a KOL addict when her roommate left Radio KOL on one day. She made an account to see this thing her roommate was obsessing over, and quickly was hooked. In January 2005, she became a DJ for RKOL and then in May 2005 became a chat moderator.

She is currently in school full-time, persuing a degree in Communications, to try to get a job working for a radio station to actually get paid to continue doing the things she loves.

She currently lives with a roommate who's a World of Warcraft junkie, although she keeps trying to make her a KOL convert, and 4 cats and two birds, who are frequently heard in the background of her shows.

Help me create my page

Make her page better and you could win a Radio Free Cap. Message her for details.

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