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|twitter=[ Amilianna]
|twitter=[ Amilianna]
|showtimes=Mondays 10am - 2pm EST<br>Tuesdays 10am - 2pm EST<br>Thursdays 10am - 1pm EST<br><small>What time is that for [ me]?</small><br>Check the [ schedule] for any changes/pick-up shows }}
|showtimes=Mondays 10am - 2pm EST<br>Tuesdays 10am - 2pm EST<br>Thursdays 10am - 2pm EST<br>Fridays 10am - 1pm EST<br><small>What time is that for [ me]?</small><br>Check the [ schedule] for any changes/pick-up shows }}

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 Show Name:  The Witching Hour 
 Prize Multi:  MightyAmiMouse (#1824029) 

 Age:  27 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Centerville, OH USA 
 Twitter:  Amilianna 

Show Times:
Mondays 10am - 2pm EST
Tuesdays 10am - 2pm EST
Thursdays 10am - 2pm EST
Fridays 10am - 1pm EST
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Amilianna is the mother of 2 beautiful little girls, Kailee and Sarra. If you hear screaming and fighting in the background of her shows or a chorus of "Mommy-Mommy-Mommy-Mommy", they are likely the source. She is a self-professed geek who enjoys a variety of board/card games, RPGs and video games as well as Legend of the 5 Rings CCG. She also sews garb, embroiders, knits, cooks, makes truffles and reads voraciously. Her show name is a play both on the fact that she is an avid reader and that she herself is a solitary Celtic witch.


Click here for a list of what music Amilianna has in her collection.

Amilianna is eclectic in her music tastes. She is fond of saying that there isn't a genre of music she has found yet that she couldn't find at least one song to fall in love with. That being said she tends to gravitate towards Country, Punkesque and Pop music as a general rule. However, if you have something you think she'd love...

Mondays alternate between musicals/soundtracks and letting SAM pick the take control, playing something completely random and your requests! Tuesdays and Thursdays, Amilianna just plays whatever strikes her fancy (and listener requests).

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, somewhere around the middle of the show, there will be Story Time! We are currently reading:


Send all requests in .mp3 format (please!) to

If possible, songs should be formatted as: artist - title.mp3

Songs may or may not get played during the same show in which they were sent in, but all will be listened to at one point or another.


Watch this space for exciting new developments! Contests tend to be infrequent during The Witching Hour.

Caution Tape! Ahoy!

Due to Amilianna enjoying putting CAUTION tape on people in chat for various things (jailbait, starting controversial topics, etc.), a new contest is born! When told to do so, you go to this site, choose a backing color and a text color and then what you think is a funny/witty thing to say and send it to Amilianna in a kmail (that is a green message). Amilianna will play 3 songs and after that time, she will read the entries on air and ask for votes! After the next three songs, the votes shall be tabulated and the winner announced! They shall receive fabulous prizes! Yay!


Amilianna (thanks to ADeadHeart's generous 128 start-up donation) now collects coffee mugs! You can send them and she will be pleased - and if you send them on air with a message attached (not on the mug, as this will break it!) Amilianna can read it out loud to all of the rKoL listeners! A perfect way to try to get her to say something just for you! *grin* And, in a similar vein, personalized birthday cakes, because what could go better with coffee than cake‽

Listener Clips

Want to say something about Amilianna and/or her show? This would be the place for that.

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