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 Amplitude (Artwork by Crease) 


Who's Amplitude?

Amplitude is the current Station Director of Radio KOL and the host of Radio Free Jersey, Bitch! broadcasting live from The Attitude Capital of the World, New Jersey Monday through Thursday 10am to 1PM EST.


How Did Amplitude Get Involved in Radio KOL?

Amplitude began playing Kingdom of Loathing on July 13, 2004, after reading about it in a friends' livejournal (LdySaphyre #143610.) Not long after beginning his KOL career, Ampy began listening to Radio KOL, and tuned in to hear Eyespeculum and The Big Meat Show religiously. Having had his own radio show while in college (WRNU Rutgers University-Newark) and also having had a two year internship with The Howard Stern Show, Amp was enamored with the idea of having a show on Radio KOL. He submitted an audition and was hired by Eyespeculum in August of '04. However, at the time there wasn't a time slot available for Amp, and his first show didn't air until September 8th, 2004. Amp's first show was wrought with technical difficulties and he went on an hour late because he couldn't connect to the streams. It was a messy start to an interesting Radio KOL career.

Trainwreck Radio

Trainwreck Radio was a more talk than music based show featuring Amplitude and c00c00c00. It aired Monday, Wednesday, and Thurdsay from October '04 to May of '05. Topics of conversation were usually taboo in nature. c00 would often make Amp sing ridiculous pop songs. Several times c00's mother appeared on the show, and Amp would mercilessly hit on her. Perhaps the most famous Trainwreck Radio show was the infamous Power Hour, where Amp, c00, Dazz, Sacr0w, and Riboflavin drank a shot of beer a minute for 60 minutes, and then continued to do shots of beer until... well.. Amp and Dazz ran out of beer. Amp is still to this day constantly asked when he will be doing another Power Hour show. The Power Hour show is available for download on Coldfront. Trainwreck Radio ended when Amp and c00 got bored of doing it, however, once in a while c00 will get in touch with Amp and they'll do a reunion show. Hilarity then ensues.

Radio Free Jersey, Bitch!

What is Radio Free Jersey, Bitch!?

After Trainwreck ceased to be, Amp created Radio Free Jersey, Bitch! The show centers around Alternative and Rock music, and Amp's amusing stories and anecdotes.

Requests and Contacting Amplitude during the Show

Amplitude accepts requests at Be forewarned, requests that displease Amp will rapidly receive "The Shotty" that is to say, the song will not be played to completion, but end rather abruptly in grisly fashion. If you'd like to get in touch with Amp, you can use that address, as well as an in game K-Mail or blue message. Sending Amplitude AIM's during the show is generally frowned upon by Amp unless you are already on his contact list.


Amplitude usually runs two contests a day. The contests are trivia based. Contestants must submit answers via blue message in chat. Amplitude accepts multiple entries during the contests, however, spamming is not tolerated. Five full seconds between answer submissions is a safe rule of thumb. Spammers will be disqualified. Amplitude's final contest of the day is the infamous Big Package. The Big Package contains a slew of nifty and valuable prizes as well as a significant amount of meat. Contests are funded by listener donations. If you wish to make a donation for Amp's contests, please do so by sending it to Amp's prize multi, RFJB Prize Hobot (#533611).

Listener Interaction

Amplitude loves interacting with the listeners while on air. He encourages your submission of questions, stories, and etc. via the Gmail address. Occasionally, Amplitude will play "Ask Uncle Ampy" when listeners can ask Amp anything they want. Amplitude also likes to play Fun With Amp's Voicemail, where listeners call Amp's cell phone and leave messages to be played on air.


Occassionally, Amp will do a theme show, but usually these occur spontaneously on the fly. Past themes have included Buttrock shows (80's hair bands and metal,) Buttpop shows (80's new wave,) Swing Music, Rat Pack stuff, All Acoustic, Classical, and Amp's personal favorite "Songs From Bands Who's Lead Singers Have Kicked The Bucket" (it's wordy, but fun!.)

Bump Submissions

Amp wants your bumps! Feel free to record something for Radio Free Jersey, Bitch. Anything you want, and send it to If you'd like to submit a show intro, record yourself saying the following. "Broadcasting live from the Attitude Capital of the World, New Jersey, it's Radio Free Jersey Bitch and I'm your announcer (insert your name,) now introducing your host (insert witty comment here) Amplitude!" Send Amplitude the file (voice only, no music) and he'll take care of the production work.

The Future

Amplitude is currently in the process of relocating from New Jersey to Arizona. This means a couple of things. First, Amplitude will be absent from Radio KOL for a significant period of time. Second, upon return, the Radio Free Jersey, Bitch! schedule will drastically change. To what... we don't know yet. Time will tell.

Listener Comments

ampshow3.jpg Harvey Cocksweller:

Welcome to the bio for DJ Amplitude. Amplitude (often called "Amp" by his fans and loyal listeners) broadcasts from the attitude capital of the world, New Jersey-- and it shows. Amplitude's show contains coarse language, sexual dialogue, and loads of suggestive innuendo. Amp generally plays a variety of rock music, spanning from 80's hair bands (referred to as "Butt-rock") to modern alternative, metal, and punk-- and of course, his favorite band, Nine Inch Nails. In fact, he starts each of his shows with a Nine Inch Nails song that he chooses on a whim. Amp is a very humorous DJ, and takes the time to entertain his listeners. He shares stories about his experiences with other Kingdom of Loathing players, his dog, and any other funny events in his life. He is very thoughtful as well, as he often sings a special birthday song for his fans on their birthdays. He will occasionally bring guests on his show and chat with them, or play various gameshow-type games with them on the air. Amplitude holds giveaways on each of his shows, the most well-known one being his "Big Package", which is generally chock-full of valuable KoL items and meat. Listeners seem to do anything to get their hands on Amp's Big Package. Amplitude's show, "Radio Free Jersey Bitch" has a loyal fanbase that's usually in the radio chat channel, being social as they enjoy his show together. Amplitude can usually be found chatting with the fans in that channel as well.

A notable division of Amp's fanbase is known as the "Ampli-cuties", consisting of several lovely females though there are equally as many males that listen to the show as well. Amplitude takes requests, and responds to them promptly. However, if your request is terrible, he will quickly shoot it with a barrage of machine guns and bombs, killing it immediately. Amp gives on-air credit for all donations he receives for radio giveaways. Donations are what keeps the contests going, so if you can afford it, spread the wealth. If you haven't listened to Radio Free Jersey Bitch with Amplitude, you're missing out. Tune in and get ready for great music, and lots of fun and humor. Radio Free Jersey Bitch!

Scarlett (aka UberAmplicutie):

Amplitude, the Pimp Daddy of KoL Radio, can be summed up in three words, Hot, Heavy, and well, HOT. With contests aplenty and schwerve that goes on for miles, this Dj is a giver…boy he can give and give…. Rock is his weapon of choice, but he is not opposed to taking requests…beware the shotty! for those requests that offend his ears will die…. Be prepared for vast amounts of sexual innuendo and plenty of blatant , balls to the wall, no holds barred, hardcore, heterosexual MAN! With a vast amount of Hot AmpliCuties, and an equally vast amount of AmpliManiacs, this DJ will rock you and roll you all morning long.


Amplitude is the bastard son of Satan. He dominates Radio Kol with his "Radio Free Jersey Bitch" show. Of all of the DJs amplitude is assuredly the most unique. His attitude, his ego, and his package are what he is all about. Ask for a crappy song and he does not hesitate to shoot you down with a blaze of fire and lead. His harem of amplicuties follow him to the ends of the earth. He is a foul mouthed psudo-jackass who isn't afraid to speak what is on mind. If everyone acted like the amplitude, there would either be an apocalypse or a utopia, probably an apocalypse. Amplitude throws caution to the wind and marches to the beat of his own drum. The badass attitude, the enormous balls, and the sensual package are what make amplitude not a man, but rather a god. Piss him off and he shall smite your soul into eternal darkness and bring pain and suffering to your family. Worship him and you simply get cursed at. Feel his power and bow before the greatness that is amplitude.


Residing in the great state of New Jersey (attitude capital of the world, the #1 producer of Egg Plant in America and boasting the largest petroleum containment facilities outside of the Middle East), Amplitude is a DJ who is not afraid to show off his Big Package, fling a few choice curse words and introduce the world to Gilligan... On his show, you are guaranteed choice NIN hits and a variety of Butt-rock classics. Amplitude will entertain requests, but be forewarned, be your request suck... it will be shot with extreme prejudice.


Amplitude (Homo urectum) Lives in the wilds of New Jersey; landfill of the New York jungle. Can be identified by his "Radio Free Jersey Bitch!" mating call. An often foul mouth and short tempered species of the DJ family. Many consider this particular member to be the leader of all the DJ species in the Radio KoL environment. Sinister by nature, this animal looks for any excuse to attack a person. Feeds mainly off of n00bs and beautiful women although it is becoming more clear now that women are mearly used for entertainment and not actually prey upon. Beware should you come across this species and hear it begin to curse as this is a sign of impending danger, especially for you. This species is also very protective of its young, known as a "package." If ever encountered, one should smile and be friendly until the Amplitude has tired and leaves, however this usually takes several hours to happen.

The Saga of Sasha, Amp's Russian Mail-Order Bride

9_9f11d_a9389178_tn.jpg On November 20th, 2006, Amplitude received an email from a woman in Russia, claiming to have seen Amp's profile on either Yahoo Personals or (for the record, amplitude does not have profile's on either, that he's aware of anyway.) The woman, Sasha, claimed she was responding to a letter Amp had written her (which he had not.) Sasha even knows Amp's first name! Though Amp has never written Sasha back, Sasha continues to write her glorious letters, butchering the English language. Soon, Ampy realized, that Sasha's emails were nothing short of RADIO GOLD. At the listeners' request, Ampy is posting the letters here... for your reading pleasure. The letters are posted in chronological order. The letters have been posted exactly as they were received however, Amp has blocked out her email address user name. Ampy doesn't want you bastids trying to email her and ruin what very may be the best radio bit ever!!! So now, without further ado.. recorded here for posterity in all their glory, Amplitude proudly presents, Sasha's emails.

1. Hello there Alan! This is Alexandra. Do you remember me? You answered my profile. Sorry, I didn't write you back immediately. I was very busy. How are you doing? I guess if someone is located in your area and who close to you, it would be more easy to communicate and you would tend to be more open in sharing about yourself because the possibility of meeting seems welcoming but I want you to know I'm not close to you. At least at this time. I even not in united states, I'm girl from russia and I've the reason to try to communicate to you and want to know you better. Alan, I hope I will get your response soon because I got message from you on my e-mail and decided to write you back. I really think if we decided to contact each other, we need to begin and to continue our communication. I had several profiles on different dating sites like yahoo or match but I havn't now because nobody replied to my profiles. So I deleted it and decide to reply for your message, thank you for message! So right now I have no any profiles. To be honest I don't need it because I already have your reply and we can write to each other, of course if you want to know about me. I want you to know that I'm common girl and I don't like secrecy and other things like urgency or cant. I want you to know what is the reason of my reply is. All my life I live in russia and I have never been outside of my country and this is the first reason. I studied in several foundations like school ,college, university and I have professional medical education, my speciality is dentist and I've all certificates and patents for this kind of activity. Do you know how much dentist earn in russia? Sometimes about less than ten thousand of roubles and it's about less than three hundreds and seventy american dollars because one dollar is just about twenty seven roubles. It's not so very bad here but it's not very good too. I know that other people of my profession can make more good money because I heard that in other countries this kind of job could be paid better. This is the second reason but I have another one - the third, and it's not less important than previous two reasons. I am not married and have never been. I haven't boyfriend right now and I didn't have serious relations before because I learned and wanted to be professional medic, now it's time for my job and family making but I don't want to have job here in russia. I thought about North America. I want to have it in united states because I think it's country of big possibilities, because the salary is much bigger and the country is more better. I think I will have this opportunity to work there very soon because I have the license and my request is in process. I have the contract already. Hope you understand that I will live in united states and I could choose the place where to live because there are many places where I could work. Please don't think that I am not a material girl and all I want is get money. It's not true. I just want to think about my future and about future of my family. I think every man wants to take care about his family and wants to make family happy. I hope you can understand me correctly. So I will try to do all what I can to make it reality. Also I want to find friends in united states so this is the reason of my e-mail to you. Perhaps I can be your friend in future? If you interested in knowing me I will be glad to talk to you and to write you. Now a little more about me. I enjoy going out to movies, beach, parks and other places. I feel I am definitely an easy-going, fun, romantic, open-minded, honest, sincere, and loyal girl also. I hate unsincerity and dishonesty. I wanna go slow and take our time and feel assured that the two of us have made the best choice also. Write me back tell what you feel and think. Alan, if after reading of my letter you still want to talk to me, please write me to my e-mail: (XXXXXXX) I will be happy to hear from you. I want to ask you how do you spend your free time? What do you like to do? I'd love to hear about hobbies of any kind that really capture your interest. Once again I want to tell you that I will come to united states after few weeks or month so we can be friends and maybe meet in future, who knows. Alexandra is my real name. But you can call me Sasha. It's for short. I would like more if you will call me Sasha. Also please tell me what is your real name and how do you prefer I will call you in my e-mails, phone, real life? I think I have to know it to communicate to you. Do you agree? I want to tell you that I will send you some pictures in next e-mails but before I need to know that you really interested to write to me. I will wait for your response for some days and then if I will get your reply I will write you more and will attach my pictures. Is this ok? I will wait for your response with impatience. If you want, you can send me your pictures too! I will be glad to get it. That's all for now. See you later. Alan, I am waiting for your reply asap, Sasha.

2. Hello again this is Sasha. I just want to tell you again that I am waiting for your reply and I hope to see your message in my mailbox soon. I hope you got my last e-mail and I hope you didn't think that it was a spam e-mail. I am real girl and I sent real letter. Hope you understood this. Talk to you late. Sasha.

3. Hello from the other side of the Earth, Alan! I hope you got all my e-mails during last days and you could see my pictures. I hope everything is allright and you could use the link I sent you yesterday. I think will be more convenient if I will add photos to my web photo album. I will try to prepare some new pictures of me during this weekend and on Monday I will upload it to the album. I will let you know about it. As you already know I am working to change my job and place for a living. I have opportunity to move to ameica and get work there. I have started to prepare all necessary documents to come to america some time ago and it's in the process now. I will get passport visa and other documents. I have all necessary documents and certificates of my education also I have practice of work for my specialty so I can work in other country. Do you remember I am dentist. I am doctor and not assistant. I have a license for private practice. I think I will have all my documents done after one or two weeks. I am sure it's good opportunity to make my life better than now. I suppose I will be able to bring my mom to me in the future. I don't want to leave her for long time. But before I need work hard to make it happen. Ok now some information about me and my family. As you could understand all my family is my mom and me only. I have no any sisters and brothers. I am single child in the family. My height is 170 centimeters. I am not sure but It's about 5'6 inches. My weight is 55 kilogrammes. I don't know do you understand our measurement system or not. We use metric system. I know you use other measurement system. I hope it's not a problem. I hope my pictures has helped you to know what I am look like. Do you like my pictures? I am 29 years old and next 15 January I will be 30 years old. 15 January is my birthday! My mom is 52 years old. Her name is Natalia. My dad have died one year ago. It was an accident. The drunken driver brought him down. He was 54 years old. That was hard time for us. We were depressed. But we could overcome this situation and to come back to normal life. Alan, perhaps you already know that a lot of people here likes to drink and drink much! It's not good peculiarity of russian man character. This is one of the reasons why I want to move out from russia and to change my life and want to make it better.You can ask me what about me and I will answer: I almost don't drink and don't smoke. Drugs are impermissible for me too! I am person who vote for a healthy life style and sport in my life is necessary thing. I like to play and to watch sport. My favorite kinds of sport are tennis and swimming. It help me to keep good form of my body. Because of it I almost forgot what diseases are. As you know I live in russian federation. The name of town where I live is Ukhta. My town is located in the Komi republic. I think I will tell you more about my town in next letters and I will send you the map of location of my town. I think this is all information for today. I am not sure will I be able or not to write you on Sunday but I am sure I will write on Monday. Please write me back as soon as you can and tell me some information about you, your family, your life style .... I will be glad to hear about it. Alan, if you will write about it more than 2-3 lines I will be sure you are really interested to communicate with me. Else I don't know why we need to waste our time! If you don't want me to be your friend in the future and if you not interested in knowing me better I will try to understand you and will stop to write you, Just say it and that's all, ok? I hope you can understand me and will be serious in our corresponding, because I am very serious! Best regards and see you soon Alan! From russian girl Sasha.

4. (PICTURES!!!!) Hello Alan. Sorry I can't write you today a lot. I just want to give you a link where you can see my pictures. This is the link : [1] I created photo album in the internet and decided to give you a link. I think I will add new pictures to my album in future. So you can see new pictures. I think it's good idea. Do you agree? Now I have to go, I am really sorry. But I promise I will write you more long e-mail tomorrow. See you tomorrow Alan. Sasha from Russia.

5. Hi Alan. This is Sasha. I am writing you because I still didn't get any message from you and I decided to change my e-mail address. I don't know what is wrong with my old e-mail. Maybe I did something incorrect. I don't know. I am not very skilled in computers. Right now I know how to use mail client and didn't work with other software for communication. Maybe sometime later I will learn about other type of programs for communication but not right now. I hope you can understand me. I created new e-mail address and it looks like old e-mail. I think it will be more convenient for me and for you. This is my new e-mail address: (XXXXX)". So you can see that not name of domain is "" and not "". Do you see? Please write me to my new e-mail address. I hope everything will be ok this time. I really hope for it. I will wait for your message and will check my mail box on Thursday. I just have to leave my town for one day. Business. After I will come back I will respond for your e-mail. Ok. That's all. I have to go. Hope to see you on Thursday Alan. Sasha.

P.S. Today I have prepared new picture and I will upload it to my album so you can see it. And one more thing, please send me all your letters you already sent earlier. I hope you got all letters from me. I sent about 5 e-mails.

6. Hello. This is Sasha. I didn't get reply from you last days. I thought you will write me. I am waiting for your reply. I don't know if you already sent me letter or not, please try to send me e-mail again. I hope everything will be ok and I will get it now. Here is my e-mail again: (xxxxxx) Hope to hear from you soon. Sasha.

7. Hello Alan! I am glad to write you today. But I can't use computer longer. I have to go. I need to make much work today! There is a lot of clients here and I can't write a lot. But Tomorow I will have free day and can send you a long letter! I hope my new e-mail address is working normally now and we can communicate without problems. I really hope. Also I upload new picture to my web album and you can see it. Here is a link again, just for any case: [""] These pictures are not recent but I think it's not a problem. In future I will try to prepare some recent pictures of me. Bye for now and best regards. Your friend Sasha.

8. Hello my friend Alan! At first I want to tell you why I didn't write you last saturday. I know that I promised to write but I couldn't. I want to tell you that usually I work 6 days in the week. But as I said before I should have free day at saturday. But my coworker who should work at saturday got sick and I worked instead her. So after she will recover she will work instead me too so I will have free day. I hope you can understand my situation about my silence at saturday. I will be very glad if we could email often to each other, what do you think? I understand that to write e-mail takes time but I'm sure it takes more time for me because my native language is russian and I'm sorry Alan if there are many mistakes in my english. So how is your day today? Do you interested in meeting me in real life or all this just for virtual chatting, exchange emails? What do you think about ability for my coming in your state, city? I hope you understand that it's serious question for me and if you will give your answer about it I will be very glad but please be honest Alan because I'm honest and I want to tell you again that I'm interested in knowing and meeting you Alan. I feel that you're good guy Alan, but I'm not sure what is your intent? I want you to know that I will come for working and living in any case and I don't know about how long time I will work and live before I get the citizenship and other things but I will not return back in russia if I will not want it because the government of other countries interested in people who have good education and who could work for prosperity of country. So I want to live and work for a long time. I think I already told you that I will have exam here before my coming. This is requirements of placement agency. Also I will need to define the place where I would like to work. The company will consider my desires. And because of it I would like to choose the work place close to you. Because it will be easier for me to live and work there where I have friends. Do you agree with me? Can you tell me your address Alan? If I will know your address I will ask about possibility for coming close to your location so I could work and live not far from you maybe in the same state or even city. What do you think about it? I hope you understand that I must come in New York city first because there is main office of placement agency where I will choose the job place. I don't know the places in your country so I don't know where to live and work and I've asked about places where is the best income but they told me that there is no difference because salary is the same in different places it's the rule of contract for workers who come from other countries. I hope you understand. There are many peculiarities I like in man, it's a self-sufficiency, loyalty, intelligence, mannerliness, generosity, honesty, solicitude. I like when man is kind, cheerful, attentive. I love the life and health, I love children but I havn't any. I think that children are future of us and I remember myself as child and I'm always like a child in my heart. Hope you're too! How's the weather today? Here is cold weather. There is a lot of snow. Do you have snow there? Today I have many deeds for my preparation for exam and coming but everything is good and I hope I will do it and I hope the result will be worthy also. I will wait for your email Alan with your thoughts. Best regards. Your friend Sasha.

P.S. I decided to attach picture of map. So you can see where I live. Also I want to tell you about time differense. I am on Moscow time. I think it will help you to find out about time difference between us.

9. Alan how are you today? I am fine and have some free time and I decided to use this time to write letter to you. I hope you will be glad to get e-mail from me like I am enjoying when I get your letters. The weather here some warmer today and i am glad because of it. How was your day? What did you do today? Alan when are you getting my e-mails usually? When are you writing me? I want to tell you I write you during my lunch time or after my work day is finished but sometimes when my plans are changing I write you in other time. As you already know usually I work from 9:00 to 19:00. But sometimes I can stay at my work more longer because of a lot of clients. I have 6 work days in the week. Can you tell me about your work? I hope you remember that I am a dentist. Usually I go to internet cafe in our region and send you letter from there. Today I spent good day. There were not much of clients today and I even allowed some relaxing for myself. After I finished all my work, I went to home on foot. I met my friend Natasha on the street(she work close to me) and we go home together. She live about 5 minutes of walking from me. Natasha one of the my best friends. I have 3 best friends. You already heard about Natasha. Two other friends are Elena and Svatlana. I think I will tell you about all of them later in my next letters? Do you want to know about them? I would like to know about your friends and about people who are sorrounding you in your life. I think it will be interesting for me. Because I would like to know about life in your country. I think you understand my interest to know more and more about your life and life there at all. Because I will have to live there some time later too! Do you understand me? Will you help me? I promise I will help you to know about my life too! I will try to do all what I can. I have uploaded two new pictures to my album and I hope you will be able to see it. One picture was taken in the cinema hall at the Spring. I watched movie Kingdom of Heaven. Did you watch it Alan? Other picture was taken last winter. You can see me with mountain ski. I like skis. This is one of my favorite kind of sport after swimming and tennis. I think I will tell you more details about my interests and hobbies tomorrow. I just have to go work soon and can't write you about all things in one letter. Also I will be glad to get pictures from you, because I want to know more about you. I suppose it's normal interest. Do you agree? Perhaps in the future we could be more than just friends but I don't know right now. I think we need time and want to learn more about each other. But if we will just friends it will be really good too! Really! I think internet is great thing because a lot of people can find many interesting things there and can communicate with friends from other countries. It's field of great opportunities and amazing things. Do you agree? May I ask you about how much cost of internet there? Is it expensive or cheap? Can you tell me about prices in your area? I would like to know about it because I want to be informed and prepared when I will come to america. Can you help me with it Alan? I will be glad and beforehand thank you for your answers. If you are interested I can tell you about prices here too! For example the internet cost here about 5 roubles per megabyte. Pepsi cola 2 liters bottle cost 30 roubles. Bread - 10 roubles. Gasoline - 21 roubles for liter. The average wage here is about 4 thousands of roubles. Do you know about difference between our currencies. 1 dollar = 26,5 roubles. My income is 60 thousands of roubles per year. It's 5000 per month. Alan may I ask you one thing? Can you tell me about average income of dentists in your area. I already asked about it in the agency who are preparing my documents and who will help me to move to america and they said it's about 60 thousands of dollars. Is it right? I hope it will not be a problem for you and you can help me to know it. I will wait for your next letter and for new things about you. Bye-bye. Se you soon Alan! Your friend Sasha.

10. Hello there Alan. This is your friends Sasha from the other side of the Earth. How is your day? My day is good. Today I think I will work until 7p.m. There are a lot of patients. How is the weather there? Here is good weather - not very cold and little snowy. Right now I am writing you at my work in lunch time and then I will go to internet club to send this e-mail. We have one internet club close to my work here. So I can use their service. May I ask you. Alan where do you use internet service? Do you have internet in your home? Or do you use internet at your work? I have no internet at my home. Can you tell me about your home more? I live together with mom in small apartment. It's one room small apartment. Also we have one little hall, kitchen and bathroom. My home is located in 15 minutes of walking from work and I go to my work by feet often. Sometimes I move to work on a bus. I understand that it's may looks strange that we live in so small apartment, but it's usual things here. I like our home. Our apartment is very cosy. Today I want to tell you about my interests in more details. As you know I like sport and my favorite kinds of sport are swimming, tennis, skis. Of course I like more other kinds of sports like a basketball, golf and other. I am trying to keep myself updated about sports. Do you know that russian men's tennis team won Davis Cup! It's great. Did you know/watch about it Alan? I am glad. Do you like biathlon? I like it. I am a fan of this kind of sport. Do you know that the 2nd stage of world cup of biathlon in Austria takes place right now? Our teem looks good there. They already won some gold and silver medals. I think it will be good traning before next World Championship in Italy. I will watch this Championship. I already wrote you that I like not just watch sport, also I like play sports too. I go to the pool to swim constantly. Usually 2 times per week. In the winter I like to get cross country skiing or mountain skis. Did you try it before? In the summer I like to play tennis and volleyball. By the way russian women's team won volleyball cup in Japan. Did you hear about it? I hope you are not tired from my monologue about sport. I will finish about it. I want to ask you about your favorite kinds of music anmovies. I hope you will tell me about it. My favorite types of music are pop, dance, techno and rock. I like bands and singers like a Bon Jovi, Madonna, Cold Play, Keane, Sheryl Crown, Shakira, Depeche Mode and other.Also I listen russian music but I am not sure that you have heard about russian musicians. I like Zemfira, Butch, Night snipers, Dima Bilan, Guests from the future. My favorite genres of Movies are adventure, action, thriller and comedy. Mt favorite movies are Gladiator, Green mile, Sixth sense, Abyss, The Troy, Pirates of the Caribbean sea ( 1 and 2 parts) and other. Favorite russian movies: Turkish Gambit, 9th platoon, Escape and other. Also I like animation films like Ice age (1 and 2 part), Madagascar, Monster's corporation. Did you watch any of these films? Did you like it? What are your favorite actors? I like Brad Pit, Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp, Demi Moor, Nicole Kidman, Michel Pfifer and other. I am not sure that I was correct writing names of actors. I hope you can understand what I meant. Do you like to read? What is your first serious book you read Alan? My first serious books were read in the school. It were Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov and war and peace by Lev Tolstoy. Did you hear about it? It's russian writers. I like to read Stephen King, and other. I would like to hear about your hobbies. I will tell you about my hobbies too! I like gardening. I have some kinds of plants and flowers in my home. My favorite flowers are orchids, roses and lilys. My favorite colors are white red and blue. Also I like homeworks. It may seems strange for you, I just like to keep my apartment cleanly and brightly. I am neat person and I like order. I like to cook. I am good cook. I can cook many difference dishes. I have some books with many recipes. I think it's good when woman can cook many dishes. But main thing if she cook good. Do you agree Alan? Ok. I have to go. My launch time almost other and I need to work. I will write you more tomorrow. I hope this my e-mail could help you to know about me little more. I will wait for your response Alan! Your friend Sasha.

11. Hello my dear friend Alan. I am glad to write you today. I have not so much time to writet long letter, but I will write as much as I can. Today is hard work day. My lunch time is small. I will try to write you more in the evening but I am not sure. Anyway I will write you tomorrow. How are you doing today Alan? I am fine. I remember that I almost didn't tell you about my parents. Now I will correct it. I think you already know that my parents names are Natalia and Nikolay. My mom is confectioner. She work in one of the bakers of our town. My dad worked by the engineer in the gas company of our town. As you know my dad has passed away and now I live together with my mom. We loved our dad very much. He was kind and cheerful man. I have one aunt Elena (sister of dad) who live in Moscow right now and uncle Anton (brother of my mom) who live in our town. Elena have 2 children Anna and Sergey. Anna is 12 years old, Sergey is 18. Anton have 1 kid. His name is Oleg. This is all our close relatives. Sometimes together with my mom I visit uncle Anton. Sometimes he visit us. Aunt Elena send us letters via mail service. We do the same. One time per year we visit her in Moscow or she visit us. We are trying to not forget about each other. Alan can you tell me about your family and relatives? Are you close to them? Do you contact them? I want to ask you how many real friends do you have? I mean real friends and not people you just know. I have 3 real friends. I think I already mentioned about them. One friend is Natasha who work close to my work place. I think you remember about her. She is 27 yers old. She is a accountant in private book shop. Elena work in hospital. She is nurse. Elena is 28 years old. Svetlana is most young in our company, she is 25 years old. She is trader in the shop who sell food. We visit each other often and like to spend time together. Together we like to go to the cinema or to go to the dance club. We spend much time together and it's good. My girlfriends are sport persons too and we like to play sports together. Elena and Svetlana have boyfriends. Natasha and me are free right now. Sometimes we go to cafe to get cup of coffee with piece of cake or get glass of wine. As I already wrote you before I am not heavy drinker. I just like to drink a little of wine, and it's happen not often. I like red wine and light beer. I like ice cream with chocolate and with vanilla, milk cocktails. I like strawberry, cherry, blueberry, pineapples, peaches. My favorite food is seafood. Also I like chicken, bacon and other. Alan I would like to know what do you like too? This is last question: do you like outdoors and active rest on the nature? I like campings and picnics near river or lake. I like fishing! Are you surprised? yes I like it. When my dad was alive, we went to fishing constantly. It was great. Now I almost not go to fishing. The biggest fish I caught is a pike of 2 kilogrammes. Also I caught perches. I will finish my e-mail now. I hope it was interesting for you to read something new about my life. I want to tell you that I like to read your e-mails. Thank you my dear friend. Ok, bye. See you tomorrow Alan. Sasha.

P.S. I will try to upload some new pictures to my web album in closest time. I will let you know.

12. Hi Alan. This is your friend Sasha. How are you? How is the weather there Alan? Today is warm weather here. It's amazing because usually we have cold weather in this period of time. Temperature is about -1 Celsius. I know that you use fahrenheit system to measure temperature. We use celsius system here. Right now I don't know hot to convert celsius to fahrenheit, but I will try to learn about it. I hope it will not be a problem for you if I will use Celsius system. Until this time we had snow here but right now most part of this snow has melted. Dear friend can you tel me about seasons in your region? I will tell you about our seasons too. Usually we have cold winter and a lot of snow here. The most cold temperature in the winter is -42,-45 Celsius. It's very cold. But in other places of our country the temperature may be -55, -60 Celsius. I can't imagine it. The most hot temperature in the summer is about + 42 Celsius. My favorite seasons are summer and winter. Also I like start of autumn when the foliage of threes are changing colors. It's wonderful and amazing time. Do you like this season Alan? Please let me know about it, ok? I know that you will have great holiday here. It's Christmas. It will happen at 25 December. Am I right Alan? Can you tell me about important holidays in your country? The most famous and important holidays here in Russia are New Year (31 December), 7 January (Christmas here), 23 February (The day of defenders of motherland), 8 March (International women's day), 12 December (Constitution day). Of course it's not all holidays we celebrate here but it's most main holidays. I would like to know where did you study? When I was 8 years old have began to study in the school. I studied there 10 years. After school I started to study in medical institute of Syktyvkar. This city is a capital of our area. I studied ther 6 years and I got diploma and license for private practice. I think I already wrote you about it in one of my previous e-mails. Do you remember Alan? I used this documents to get work in america. The agency which helps me to come to america asked me abotu all documents about my education and more other papers. I gave it them and they sent it to agency in america. I hope everything will be all right and I will get invitation to work. Anyway the agency who work with embassy and with america firm there said that I have good chances to get a job there. I am glad! My dear friend I want to tell you again that I like to receive e-mails from you. I like to read it. Especially if e-mails are long. I like it. From this letter I can learn more about you and your life. And therefore I want to ask you, please write me long letters and tell me more details about your life there. It's very important and interesting for me. You may write all what you want! I will be always glad. I just want to tell you one more thing when you are sending photo to me, please make it not more than 100 kilobytes of file size. It's very hard for me to download big files from internet! I hope you understand me and will try to make pictures little smaller. This fact will make me glad. That's all for now, Bye-bye. Best regards and see you later. Your friend Sasha.

13. Hello Alan! This is Sasha. I am sorry I couldn't write you this weekend. I was very busy with papers for my moving to america. I went to agency and they said I will het all necessary documents soon. I am glad. They will inform me about when documents will be done. Also I met my friends and we went to the cinema. We watched russian movie named Island. I don't know did you hear about it or not. Also I watched on tv the broadcasting of biathlon world cup. Russian women and men teams won gold medals. If I am not mistaken our teams together didn't win from 2002 year. It's great victory. Do you agree? Is it interesting for you Alan? If not I will not mention about it again. Dear friend I want to ask you about my english. Can you tell me honestly? Do I write english bad or good? I need to know it! I hope I my language is not terrible. I studied english in the school about 5 years. In the university I stydied it just one year. Sometimes I take the russian-english dictionary and learn any words. sometimes I use electronic translator. But all my letters I am trying to write you without any additional programs or dictionarys. If I will not continue to learn english I think I will forget much of it. I need to support my knowing. I suppose if person know other language it's good and he have more opportunities to actualize himself in life. Do you agree? Moreover I am glad that my knowing of english will be helpful for me in future. Did you learn any language in the school or do you learn any language right now Alan? Is it hard to learn other language? Do you want to know some common words on russian? I can tell you some. For example: Hello, hi - privet, zdrastvuy. Bye - poka, do svidaniya. How are you doing? - Kak dela? Kak zivesh'? See you soon - skoro uvidimsya, do vstrechi. Good morning - dobroe utro'. I think it's enough for now. I don't remember what is your birthday and what is you astrological sign. Forgive me if I forgot, I just want to tell you that not all your letters are saved in computer. As you know I am Capricorn and my birthday is 15 January. So I want to know your sign too. Do you have favorite animal? Do you have favorite pets? My favorite animals are dolphins (they are very clever and beautiful animals) panther( she is very graceful but dangerous animal). Also I like cat's, dogs, horses and birds. I have one parrot. It's a girl. Her name is Lora. I think I will upload picture of me with Lora soon. By the way I am prepared 3 new pictures and will upload all of them. I think I will do it today or tomorrow. I hope I will get e-mail from you soon because I like to get letters from you and I like to learn more about you from your letter. I want to tell you, that I want to find friend in your country or more than friend in future. I like you and I like your letters. I feel affection to your letters and to you. I think we need to continue our communication. Perhabs one day we can meet each other. What do you think about it? Does it sound good for you Alan? I would be glad to meet you one day. I think it would be wonderful meeting. Do you agree with me? As you know I don't have boyfriend and I am in search. Perhaps I can find my future husband in america. Maybe we can be closed to eachother and can build our life together. I don't know right now. I think we need time to be sure about it. But why not? What do you think about it? What do you want to find in the woman of your dream? I mean what qualities. I want to see my man would be kind, clever, tender and honest. I would like if he will have friendly sense of humor. I would like to know that my man could take care about his woman. I would like to create family together with him. This is my main purpose in life. I want my own family and I want to have children. I think two or three kids. It would be great if I would have one girl and two boys. I want that my family would be happy together with me. And I will do all to make it to reality. Other purpose is to get good work. This main thing too because without it I will not be able to support my kids. So the reaching of one purpose depend from reaching of other. So therefore I decided to move to america because I know that it's country of big possibilities and the work of people is paid better. Also I think if I will have friends in america it will be easily for me to begin to live there. Because I will to know some people who will be close in difficult time and who will help by words or by action. Alan do you agree that friends need to help to each other. I mean real friends. Well, that's all, I have to go. I will wait for your reply and will write you tomorrow. Sincerely your Sasha.

14. Hello from Sasha. How are you Alan? How is the weather? We have good weather here. Temperature is not very cold and I am feeling good! I am not sure did I tell you that I have told about you with my mom? She was glad that I could find friend there. She knew about I am in process of moving to america and getting work there. Together we thought a lot of it and my mom was agree with me and she support my decision to find work there. Of course because of my moving to america my mom is very nervous and excited at the same time! But she let me decide what I should do by myself. When I told to my mom about you at the first time and she said that I should be very cautions, because there a lot of cruel men all over the world. But I told her that you seems to be very good man I feel a big sympathy to you. I hope that I don't mistake Alan! I really feel that we are becoming closer to each other due to our correspondence. Do you agree with me Alan? We could be more than friends sometimes, we could have kids. Oh, I have a very big fantasy. Of course I realize that we should meet for the start. And I hope we can have opportunity to meet each other in close time. Of course after I got all documents and after I come to america. Sorry but I can't write longer right now. I have to go to work. Today I need to prepare some papers and to end all my deals here at my work. Today after work I will go to internet cafe and will upload new pictures for you. Well, Alan I should go now. I will wait for your reply! Best regards, Sasha.

15. Hello Alan. This is your friend Sasha. Kak dela? Kak pogoda? I meant how are you and how is the weather? I just asked you in Russian. What do you think about russian language? Is it hard to understand russian Alan? Sorry if I forgot Do you have russian friends? Or did you met russian people there? How many russian people live in your area. I don't ask you to tell me exact amount. I just want to know do they live there at all? We have a very bad weather here. Maybe somebody likes a dampness and strong north wind, but I'm definitely not from their number. In fact I like the warm weather and the sun. I suppose I'm not very original here but it's just so. All my short life I wanted to live somewhere where the weather is much warmer than here. Alan do you ever wanted to change the place of living? Or you are satisfied by your place for a living? Also I want to tell you that I have no driver license. I just didn't need it here. Usually I used public transportation or taxi. But I think I will need to get driver license to live there. I think it will be hard for me if I will not have it. Do you agree? So I want to ask you one thing, is it hard to get driver license there? What I will need to do and what documents are necessary for the process of getting license? Can you help me wih it. I didn't drive car at all in my life and I want to ask you, will it be possible for you to teach me how to drive? I will be glad. Of course before it I need to come and we need to discuss it together. I just don't know who could help me in this situation. I hope you understand. Today I will finish my work some earlier and I will go to agency who work with my papers. I will need to fill in some new official documents and will need to answer some questions. By the way tomorrow is my last days of work here. Of course I will visit my work some times But just for little period of time. I already will not work I just will take necessary documents. They will prepare it in close time. So I can say I am almost free person. As you remember I will get all documents to move to america on this week. I will get the Visa and the foreign passport and more other. As I told you before I have enough money to come. I already have brought some money to the company that makes ready to go to America and when all of the documents will be ready I'll reserve a ticket to New York City. As you know I have never been to America, and it makes me nervous a little bit. But I know that I have a good friend there and I know that he can help me to start to live there. I hope you can meet me in the airport but I am not sure. Alan will it be possible for you if I will inform you about my coming beforehand? If you will not be able I will understand. Don't worry. But it will be nice if you would be in the airport. I think we will talk about it later again. Well that's all. Bye-bye. Hope to hear from you soon Alan. Sincerely your Sasha.

16. Hello my dear Alan. I write you little later because I had many deals today. Now I am in the internet cafe and writing you this e-mail. I got your e-mail and I am glad that everything is work and we can continue our learning about each other. I think I got all your e-mails I hope for it. I hope also that you got all my e-mails too. Ow, I forgot to ask you how are you today? Everything is ok? I am fine. Just tired a little. I thanks the god that I could find you and after I sent you little message to your profile you have sent me a reply! It was great and nervous period of time to me. I waited for your e-mail with impatience and I was excited. Now I am glad that we could find each other. I think we will be good friends or more. By the way I want to tell you I am Christian. Did I tell you about it earlier? Perhaps I didn't mention about it. I am not sure. I am Orthodox Christian. I know that in your country the Catholicism is main religion. Am I right? My mom, dad and my grandparents are Christian too. Alan Do you glad that you found girl like me? Sorry if this question bother you. I like that I found you. I feel some attraction and affection to you. Are these feelings mutual? Do you feel something more or me just a object for pen pal corresponding? I hope that our sympathy is mutual and you like me as I like you. Yes it's true and I think will be great when we will meet each other in the future when I will come to America for a living and working. We could spend more time together and learn more about many details of us. Do you agree? As you know I will move to America soon. I just need to get all necessary documents and we can meet. I can chose place for a working and then I can move there. But before I will come to New York City. I will stay there some of time and will get other papers in the agency then I will move to the last point of my travel. Because of it I want to ask you to send me your full address and full name. Maybe in the agency will ask me about do I know someone in America. And I need this information because I can chose place close to your home area. I think it will be good for us. What do you think about it? You can send me the name of he closest big city to you. If I couldn't find work place in your area I will try to find it in City close to you. I don't want to live far from you, because you my single man I know in America and because you are my good friend! Also please give me your convenient telephone number. Will be better if you can give me home and sell( is you have) phone numbers. I think it will be convenient for me because when I will try to call you when I will be at the airport in New York. If you want I will stay in the New York and will try to start live there. I can't call you from my home because my telephone work only in our region. I chose most cheap tariff and I can use home telephone for communication in our town and in our region. But I pay less than other who use usual tariff. I hope you can understand me. Usually I don't call to other cities or regions and therefore I decided to get this kind of service. If you will give me phone number I will try to call you from our communication center. It's place where any people can call to any place in the world for money. Do you have these places in your country? Also I will tell you my correct address. I will type it in the end of this e-mail. I think more about my travel to America and I decided to ask you about the name of the closest international airport. I think I will need to know it. I hope you will reply me soon and will send necessary information I have asked you because I have to know it to come to your country. It will be good if you will help me. I hope for you Alan. I just want not very good news. My mom feel not good and I have told her to go to hospital for medical exam. I think we need to be sure that she is ok. I will pray for her. She will go to Hospital tomorrow in the morning. I will go there together with her. I will write you later after we will come back. Bye, Alan. Best regards from your Sasha.

17. Hello Alan! How are you? I am not very good. Because today my mom and me went to hospital for physical exam and the doctor said that my mom should stay there because some analysises was not good and they will make new tests. My mom will stay in hospital until tomorrow. These news made me little sad and I am worrying for her. Tomorrow I will got to hospital to visit her and will come here back if doctor will allow me to do it. I will pray that my mom will be ok. I want to tell you that I will write you tomorrow too. I think you will be glad to get my e-mail during weekend. Do you have any plans for this weekend. I think I will spend some time with my mom and will clean my apartment. Today I met some of my friend and we talked about us Alan. My friends are glad for us and wish us to be a very good friends. Maybe more than friends. They have said you Hi Alan! They told that I am an adult girl and can arrive at a decision by myself and if I want to write you, why not if I feel I need it. I want to tell you I need it, because you draw me like a magnet. While I don't know what, but I like it and I feel better when I get your letters! As always When I get your letter I read it to the end completely without any stops and only after it I can relax a little! I have never felt any feelings like these! I think maybe this is a destiny and maybe you are my soul mate, why not? But I can't imagine another reasons of my feelings which fill out myself with every second more and more! I want to ask you do you feel the same? Did you feel something like this too? I am just curious! Alan do you feel something towards my person? I want to know your mind and your point of view to this situation. What can you tell me? Do you like to be romantic? I like to be romantic - to take a dinner with candles, to walk under the starry night sky, to sail on the boat, to walk along the night town with the lights of shop windows, to ride the horses! The kisses of two people who are in love with each other are the most romantic thing for me, I suppose! It displays the feelings and it cannot be deceitful! I think that a woman can tell much about a man just having a kiss with him! I think that the first kiss have to be a gentle and delicate! Please let me know about your thoughts about romanticism. I have to tell to you that I have unlimited amount of emotions which I had no in my heart before! My heart says to me that I have to answer by sincerity to your sincere and honest words from your letters Alan! I have to tell what I feel now because it is a part of our relations and because I can't be silent about it. I MUST share it with you Alan! I should tell that I was need for a lot of time to think about it and write about this letter because I wanted to find the right words to you to not offend or upset you in anyway, and it really bothered me. I didn't want to make mistakes and didn't want that you would understand me incorrectly. I always tell you directly from my heart, and I do so right now too but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen. I feel somewhat lost if I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, I feel the joy when I think of you Alan! My feelings fill out me completely and my day is becoming better. I am levitating to the sky because I feel so big lightness. I have never had this in my life, to begin a relationship halfway across the world and I had to learn much about you to proceed, but I am more than willing to learn whatever it takes to succeed if that is your desire as well! I also believe that couples should be the best friends if it is possible because trust and sharing with each other everything that they feel is the most basic thing of true relations. I think all their feelings should be mutual. I do not know if my words and thoughts make sense to you but I have tried very hard to put them in normal words that you will feel it and understand me clearly! I hope you can understand me correctly Alan! I believe in God I am orthodox christian. I think you know about it because I have mentioned about it in my previous letters. I go to church constantly. Usually I visit it about 3 times per month and I believe that I have been put through trials to prepare me for the meeting a man with whom I will spend the rest of my life to love him, to better appreciate him, to respect him and to cherish the love that he would give! And the only thing that he would ask me is to return the same to him. I think maybe the God have helped me to find you from billions of men in the world. Who know? Maybe this is my destiny? I hope that my words and letters are not boring to you, but I hope they are much more than usual words for you Alan! It is my thoughts and feelings, and I send it to you Alan! I desire you very much to find it in your heart too and to share your personal feelings with me too. I wish to know you on a more intimate level. I would like you to share your dreams, your hopes, your feelings from the heart with me! I truly wish to communicate with you on a level that takes a way beyond just a friendship. I think all couples will come to this question sooner or later. Intimate and close relation between two people it's very important and necessary thing in their common life. Please do not think me foolish for a thinking these things Alan! I think it's very serious things for me and I hope for you too. I believe that we have to be honest with each other and I am trying to be honest with you. I think we need to talk about all things. Could you close your eyes for just a minute and think and dream of what a life we could share together. What it would be like, the joy of learning each other more and more. I really believe that dreams could come true for people which are dare to believe in dreams and who do everything to make these dreams by reality! May be you are shocked that I feel this way, but here, where I was grown up, the gift of true love from a man is something like a mirage or self-deception. And It could be more real than a mutual feeling which two close people can give each other. I hope that I am not rambling on with my words. I have so much that I wish to share with you, and each time I write to you, I feel there is never enough time to say everything that I want to say and I always feel that I have forgotten something important to say to you Alan! When I speak of you and I think of you, it does not matter for me what anyone else thinks. I want to tell that you are very beautiful for me. I speak of the beauty that is within you, a beauty of your inner world and that is why this particular type of beauty is very special and rare in our world. A lot of people just know how to be nice and trys to look nice, because they has overseen about it somewhere but in reality they have no beautiful internal world and soul. Only empty patterns which they use always. Most men have only appearances but have not a beauty inside but this is where the true beauty is! For me it is the most important thing of your character and soul. I believe that internal beauty is more important than external. Do you agree with me Alan? I want to reduce all my letter only to one thought. I do not know if I could clearly explain all my thoughts and feelings, which overflow me now. I want to tell that I feel so as we become very good friends and I really enjoy our friendship. I want to learn you more and I hope that you suppose that our relations can develop more than it enough for a simple friendship. It is the way I feel. I believe that our meeting would help us to know each other better and more close! I hope it will happen soon and we can see each other in real life and will conversation live. I think it will be great! As always I hope that my letter finds you in a good health and mood and I hope that yours wishes will come true one day too! I will look forward to your reply as always with great impatience. I know that tomorrow I will be busy first half of the day(I will got to my mom), but I know for sure that I will try to write you Alan in the second half of the day. I hope to find your reply soon. Your Sasha.

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you : Ignatyewa Alexandra(Sasha for short) is my full name.

18. Hello Alan. Today is Saturday and I am writing you . I went to the hospital to my mom in the morning and I came back with bad news. My mom will stay in clinic more time. Doctor said that they have found abnormal tissue growth and it's not good thing. He said my mom is needing in deleting this. She need in surgery. I was very upset. Doctor said that they have to stop progress of disease as soon as it possible. Else my mom will feel more bad and this disease will be dangerous for her healthy. It's impermissible. Together with my mom and with doctor we have talked about surgery. We have calmed down my mom and she was agree to get surgery at the Monday. After doctor went out we have talked about this situation with her health and about my trip to America about my work and other different things. I have left clinic 2 hours later. But before I have talked with doctor again. He said they will do all to prepare my mom for surgery and will do it at the morning of Monday. He said that everything will be ok and I shouldn't worry a lot. I really hope everything will be ok with my mom. I am very nervous and worried. I will pray for her and will go to the church today and tomorrow. Alan please pray for my mom too, ok? I hope you wish her luck. Also doctor said me to come to clinic at the Monday to discuss financial question. He will give me a check to pay for operation because it's not free. I am depressed a little. All these events were so unexpected and so bad. Be better if it will not happen at all. Why Alan? Why it happened at all??? Only thought about you and your letters can make me some better and can help me to digress from difficulties of the life for some of time. I think I will write you again later and will tell you about situation here. I hope you understand me. Also at the Monday I will need to go to agency because they have contacted me and said that all my papers already done and I need to come there immediately to get it and to learn about details how and when to move to America. I don't know what to think. I am in hard situation. Ok, I will not to burden you by my problems I will try to take care about my problems by myself. Don't worry, ok? I will write you tomorrow Alan. Sincerely your Sasha.

19. Hello again. Just forgot to tell you I uploaded new pictures to my web album. Here is a link again: I hope you can see my new photos. See you later Alan. Sasha.

20.Hi Alan! How are you Alan there? Are you ok? How is the weather there? Today is good weather. Not very cold. I missed you and your letter. I am fine but I caught myself with the thought that I'm thinking of you and our first meeting. I am sure it will be great! Do you agree? Did you imagine our meeting? I have some good news. I think I have to share my news with you. The surgery was made successful to my mom and now her life in safety. I am glad. Doctor said my mom will recover soon and can back to the home after 2-3 days. This is very good news. It made me happy! So I prayed the god and he heard me. I visited my mother in the hospital yesterday and I found her in a very good mood. She feels herself much better now. So I can relax for a little bit. Also her doctor said that such operations usually are going well. I want to believe him. He said that 99 rate of patients recover. So, I'll pray and wait for the good results. Alan, I talked with my mother about you. To be honest she is very nervous about my travel to the other country. But I told her that I have one man that could help me to settle down there. She said that it's great but cautioned me because of her opinion about men on the whole. I consider that she talks such about men because she never saw other men besides Russians which are rude and selfish. She never read your letters. I told her that I think that you are not like men here. I said that you are different. "Anyway" - she said, "You have to be caution!" I promised that I will. By the way she asked me to say "Hi" to you. So I'm saying Hi Alan! I want to let you know that decided to come back to my work for some days. I have got a call from my work and they asked me to help them and to work some of days. I was agree so I am continuing to work now. And I think if I will get some extra money it will not be excess for me. So I can write you in time off work only. Well, I need to go now Alan. Please write me back soon. Be well and have a good day Alan! Your Sasha.

21. Hi my friend Alan! I am glad that you wirte me. I hope we will keep in touch each other in future. How are you there dear? I hope all is well with you and with the weather as well! The weather here is getting cold. It's about 15 Celsius below zero! It is quite frosty! You know we've got a snowfall today! A lot of snow!!! I went into the street this morning and I couldn't to believe my eyes. We've got 40 centimeters of snow during the night and the snowfall is still running. During my walking to the work I saw a lot of men and special vehicles which were trying to take away all this snow from the roads. The public transport today is working very badly, so I decided to go to my work on foot. It was not very easy to do I must admit! Due to big snowdrifts it is very hard even to walk! As soon as I get to my work I have looked like a snowman! Do you ever get so huge snowfalls there Alan? My work is fine. Today I have not very much of patients and I can take a brakes sometimes. My coworkers glad that I can help them. They said you hi Alan. Did I tell you that they know about you? I just told them that I am corresponding with foreign man. I am glad that I can work some days more. Because I don't know what I would do if I wouldn't work now. I don't want jsut stay in apartment and nothing to do. All my friends are working and I can't spend time with them. Well enough now about weather. I have good news Alan! Today I have visited my mom again and she have felt even better than yesterday. Mom said that she will stay in clinic until friday. In the morning of friday she will be released and I will escort her to home. I'm very happy for her! Her doctor said that she is completely is out of risk, but she has to rebuild her forces and they will watch for her health these days. I am feeling good Alan!I'm getting more and more exciting before my trip. Actually I'm afraid for a little bit. I have never traveled before so far. All my trips were within my country only. I want to let you know the agency have contacted me and asked me to visit them. I did it and they said I can get some papers. Some of my documents are ready but I will need to wait some time( they said some days, one or two) and all necessary documents will be ready. So I can pack my baggage. Right now I have passport, medical documents and dentist license. I have to get visa, tickets to america( to NYC) and other papers. I hope all will be well and I can move to NYC soon. I will inform you when I will get all documents and will be able to fly to america. I really hope our meeting is not just a dream and we can see each other in person. I wonder how is it could be to live in America. Would I settle down easily or I'll have hard times. I hope everything will be ok and I will be able to become citizen of america without problems. I know that this process will take some years but I will be patient. What do you think about it Alan? I might have a terrible Russian accent and some people could laugh at me. I know that there are a lot nations live in America. Does everybody speak very good English there? Is there somebody who talks not very good? let me know your thoughts about this Alan. I'd like to know. Ok, I have to go now. I'll try to write you tomorrow. Best regards from your Sasha.

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