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This is Aromia Flyces' wiki page! Thank you all so much for visiting! Please wipe your feet as you come in and mind the dogs. Mind the dust, we are still under construction.

So, perhaps you came here to find some answers? Or some questions? Or to find out more about me, your new favorite DJ of all time? Or what kind of contests there are? Well good for you, you have come to the right place! Sit on down, grab something to drink and ask away!


What kind of music do you play? What time are you on? Can you play some music for me? What broadcaster do you use? What are your contests and prizes? Why so Nerdy, Aromia?

What kind of Music do you play?

Well, I tend to play a lot of things. It is really easier to ask, what do I not play. I don't play a lot of Rap, as I am picky about what I like, and I do not play a lot of Pop Christian music. Anything else goes. I will even play Country for you, but I tend to like Folk better than Country.

What time are you on?

Currently I am on Tues and Weds AM from 3-6 EST and Sunday 12-2. Times are subject to change.

Can you play some music for me?

Sure! Send it to

What Broadcaster do you use?

I use Sam. I like it. :D

What are your contests and prizes?

Working on Contests. Prizes will be Booze and Familiars. Bribes can be sent to my Prize Multi, StinkyDJ.

Why so Nerdy, Aromia?

That is a loaded question. We will get back to that. But yes. 100% Nerd Girl. :D

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