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 Show Name:  Manic Mix 
 Prize Multi:  Wavy Rancheros (#2095425) 

 Age:  37 
 Sex:  i haz bewbz. 
 Location:  Clarksville, TN 
 Twitter:  @Nyzira 

Show Times:
(all times EST)
Sun: 8am - 11am

Bella's current fundraising endeavor:

This supports the AHA and donations are tax-deductible!


When Can I Catch Bam's (Playlisted) Show?

Sun: 8am - 11am

But, Bam! What about your playlist?

Bam's current music can be found at her Google site.

What about music NOT on your playlist?

Bam's more than happy to play just about anything you want to hear. However, Bam may not play uber-mushy music (No Celine Dione), most rap and R&B, video game music or most country. It never hurts to ask, though. What you WILL hear is a wide variety of music from metal/hard rock to classic rock to nerdcore to big band swing.

If in doubt, blue message Bam and ask her. If she doesn't have it, go ahead and email it in (properly tagged and MP3 format only, please.)

What Bam LOVES to play is stuff from unsigned/underground artists. You'll probably hear a bit of music from her days as a music promoter in Boston, MA... things like Bionic (now Craving Lucy), Plank 63 (now Plank), Blind By Noon, T*House of the Almighty (no longer together) and Solvi (from Nashville). If your band has a well-polished sound and wants a little more airplay, feel free to send over your MP3's. But please understand, that will not guarantee play on Bam's show. She reserves the right to refuse to play anyone for whatever reason (or no reason at all).

Hey Bam! What about Free Shit?

Bam loves to be philanthropic. On the other side of the same coin, Bam is a po' player. She's been in the game for 11 years now, but that doesn't mean she's rich. Prize donations are always accepted on Wavy Rancheros (#2095425). Bam never announces her contests ahead of time unless it's for something very important (KoLiversaries are the biggest). Instead, she just randomly pops out with "Hey! Let's play a game!" She prides herself on music trivia and Heinlein trivia.


A little history on Bam...

Bam was first introduced to the game by her baby brother, Xarous (#288376), in November of 2004. After a few days of his constant badgering (mushroom, mushroom!) about this "fucking awesome game" she made her own account on Nov. 9 (coincidentally 11 days before her RL birthday). She quickly became addicted to the game and joined an appropriately named clan (KoL Addicts). Bam has been a part of the game ever since, only taking brief hiatuses when absolutely necessary.

In 2007, Bam thought it would be great for the KoL Addicts to have their own radio station. Bam made that happen and was quickly joined by her clan leader at the time, The Traveling Retard, and fellow clannie PastaFarEye. Unfortunately, Bam reached a point where she was no longer able to run the station so she turned it over to PFE's and TR's capable hands. Not long after, PFE joined the ranks of RKOL and Bam began DJing on and off for Secret Society Wars. When Bam heard the call for more DJs on RKOL in November of 2008, she felt it was her time to step forward and put her DJing skillz to the test for the KoL Community. Due to real life commitments Bam had to reluctantly step down from RKOL in April of 2009.

After MANY life changes, Bam is back and ready to hit the airwaves again!

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