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BryntaX Retired from Radio KoL. Her last show was the 27th of December 2010


 Show Name:  BryntaX Error 
 Prize Multi:  Various (#2117623) 

 Age:  26 
 Sex:  what is sex someone please explain 
 Location:  Ohio 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
See Schedule

It's all cocaine and big hair for BryntaX Error! The 1980's flashback show! Tune in or you're totally square and probably voted for Ronald Reagan.

Also Poop



Bryntax was born a poor black child in Mississippi. But not this Bryntax. A different one. Now we've cleared that up: she received the finest education the public school system could offer. After high school she was briefly a professional wrestler. She wrestled under the name Malignancy and her trademark move was the Mammary Massacre. She left the wrestling circuit when her trademark move 'accidentally' killed a midget. After a brief tour of the New Jersey penal system, where she learned such useful skills as 'smuggling an entire tray of food in your rectum' and 'how to stab someone to death with a bar of soap,' she decided to go to law school. Her life dreams came to fruition when she became a DJ for RKoL. Rumors have it that she has now become a being of pure light and operates in a secret underwater base somewhere off the Atlantic coast. Which is in Ohio. Which is on Earth. Which is in Ohio.

The Hoedown

Giddyup, y'all! YEEHAW!

The Low Down

Bryntax is the glue that holds the entire universe together. Were she not here reality would collapse in on itself and those weird H.P. Lovecraft monsters would be all running around and leave gum on the sidewalk and borrow your car and bring it back with no gas in it and stuff. CHAOS!

troofax: Brynn expresses deep affection by not having sex with the object of her love. If she's not sexing you it means she likely wants to have your babbies.

The music you will hear on her show will literally blow your ears clear off your head and send them flying around the room like a deflating balloon. (In case you are worrying your ears will eventually reattach themselves to your head)

To stand against Bryntax is to stand against her legion of loyal followers. Death to the infidels. Indian burns to everybody else.

Also poop


  • Lemon juggling
  • Jellyfish tossing
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Animal Wifery
  • Mother drunkery
  • Lurking and Shrieking
  • Fudge scarfing
  • Kitties
  • Has a crush on every boy
  • Has a crush on some of the girls


KoL Time: ET (New York - East Coast USA)

Fridays: 8-11pm

Saturdays: 8pm-12am

Watch the schedule for the occasional guest show with wonderful musics that are not from the 80s.


Bryntax likes to do a contest called "What's In My Can" that listeners claim she stole from GrokTheMad, but really she is just awesome like that. You get to hear a can with stuff in it, and then guess what that stuff is! And if there's more than one stuff, you get to guess how many stuffs! Doesn't that sound fun!??!? Well SCREW YOU, it IS FUN.

Other times she will ask listeners to write stories, or haikus, or give her more contest ideas, and those are also some contests. Win prizes! Listen to Bryntax_Error!


Bryntax is a famous drunk, and will often times be drinking on air. If she flirts with you during her show, it's not because she likes you. It's because she is squinting really hard and thinks you look like Mo Rocca (you don't). If you win a Bryntax contest and don't get a prize, send her a kmail because chances are she got drunk by the end of the show and forgot who you are. But she loves you anyway! Just not when she's sober. Which luckily for you, isn't very often. <3

Things That Have Been Said

"Awesome and Epic!"

"Total Hotness!"

"So Entertaining that I couldn't look away!"

"Truly one of the best shows of all time!"

"I hate that woman SO MUCH!" - Justin

(Note: Some of these things have been said in relation to non-Bryntax areas)

Things You May Hear (And Also Not Hear)

You will hear:

  • Poop
  • Rush
  • Devo
  • Shrieking and ravings of madmen.
  • Unintelligible ramblings of those who have encountered her.

You will not hear:

  • U2, because Bryntax thinks they suck. SORRY BONO
  • BON JOVI because Bryntax's sister ruined it forever

You may or may not hear

  • Aerosmith. The first time she played something by them, there was mutiny.
  • Coldplay. Howie gets /so mad/.
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