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ConnectiKoL 2 is over.

  • This page and the panel-segment of ConnectiKoL 2 are still under construction.

If you have any other ideas or would like to help with one of these, contact Lehks.

Suggested Panels

Panel Ideas
(the plan is to have more than one running at once for an hour each)

(Creativity track)

  • The Armory and Leggory: Show off your home-made equipment, learn how others created their pieces, and create some easy pieces.
  • Department of Shadowy Arts & Crafts: Fun KoL Arts & Crafts activities

(Community track)

  • /radio kol: Meet some DJs, discuss beloved shows of the past and present, and give the djs some ideas for the future
  • radio gkol: Turns out there may be a few GKOL DJs around, so we'll probably sit around in a room making fun of each other and giving stuff away - feel free to join the discussion
  • /trade and /foodcourt coffeehouse
  • /games: Have prizes to give away? Want to go home with some cool schwag? Come to /games and try your luck or knowledge! Expect some organized games throughout the day hosted by those con-goers known to lurk in that chat.

(Strategy track)

  • Idiots Guide to Familiars: They're cute and fuzzy and occasionally malnourished, but what do they do? When is a sombrero better than a vollyball? Is an emo squid useful, or just e-penis? How do I make a NPZR?
  • Is it Tuesday Already?: A lot of things have been changing recently. What are these changes, and what do they mean for the game?

(Contest track)

  • /games (see above)
  • Photo scavenger hunt: Search for things at the hotel that could be KOL items or adventures and photograph them. (work in teams with digital or disposable cameras on Fri. and Sat. and upload - or develop and upload - by Sunday morning for judging.) This might not be a panel exactly, but an ongoing thing.
  • KoL Test: Test your knowlege of KoL history, items, recipes, NPCs and more. Bubble test? Fill in blank?

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