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Welcome to ConnectiKoL III

CTKoL3 will be held July 11 to 13, 2008
Best Western Camelot
Wethersfield, CT 06109
(See hotel info below)

CTKoL3 Rides, CTKoL3 Rooms

Check the CTKoL3 forum thread here.


CTKoL3 Schedule

The Tentative Schedule (will be subject to change)

Friday, July 11

        daytime: y'all arrive and make fun happy time
evening (lets say 7-9): hanging out, trip to Bowl-a-Rama in Newington, CT (bowling, DDR, arcade, food, bar)
night: back to the hotel for "yay it's a meet" shenanigans.

Saturday, July 12

        afternoon: Picnic and Cola-Wars re-enactment at Giuffrida Park in Meriden, CT. The plan is to leave the hotel at 1:00pm.
evening: Dinner in small groups at local restaurants by individual preference.
night: Hotel parties, including Chez Gay.

Sunday, July 13

         11:00am: Brunch at Denny's (next door to hotel)

Hotel Info

Please book your hotel room by calling the hotel directly, as their online system is not tied in to our reservation.
Reservations are due by June 27 to get the group rate.
Group rate is $84/night.

Best Western Camelot
1330 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield, CT 06109
860-563-2311 / 1-888-563-3930
From Great Britain: 00800 3912 73 854

Group code is "KOL"

Room and Ride Boards

We want as many people as possible to be able to attend CTKoL 3. Attending a meet/con can be much easier (and in some cases only possible) by sharing the cost among several people. Check out the CTKoL3 Rooms and CTKoL3 Rides boards for people to contact. Please feel free to add your own vacancies or requests to this board. We do ask that you let the person who posted a vacancy edit it to avoid confusion.

History of CTKoL

Two years ago, as you may know, ConnectiKoL I met with great success at the Best Western Camelot in Wethersfield. We enjoyed a semi-period re-enactment of the co-la wars, a hippy stone painting picnic on the shores of beautiful lake whatshername at Giuffrida Partk in Meriden after we discovered that Chuck Barry was performing at the park we'd originally intended on playing at, and we very much enjoyed Shirley picking tiny plastic swords from Jed's mohawk with his mouth during blank white cards. (Okay, maybe Lehks is the only one who enjoyed that, but he really, really enjoyed it!)
Last year at CTKoL2 we stayed in the econolodge in the sleazy back alley, and mostly managed not to get sick from the dirty hobo germs infesting our rooms. We had another successful cola wars re-enactment and another pleasant picnic. We chilled with ConneciCon people who happened to be staying at our motel (and said "you're from KoL? Cool, we love that game!") and destroyed some property. Lehks decided not to ever broadcast from his old desktop at a sleazy motel ever again. The filthy hippy camping trip was rain-and-lightning stormed out and the bitchin' meat car that was supposed to take us there broke down to a point that not even old cola cans could help. We "camped" back at the Best Western Camelot, and all went home.
This year, we're back at the Camelot, and are planning to have a bitchin' good time!

Confirmed Attendee List

This information will be taken from the CTKoL3 thread and may not me 100% accurate.

  • Aeralis (Shirley!)
  • Bungee
  • destroyerBEACON
  • Fusilliban
  • Glebs
  • Haplo
  • Karl Dark
  • krakmunky69
  • Lehks
  • little lisa
  • LordSurge
  • mailbox_head
  • Marshplank
  • Mordent
  • Orlando
  • RuncibleSpoon
  • Sarghi
  • ShadowFox
  • Vlad Tepes
  • Weyrwomananna
  • WonderSherl
  • Zalan

Possible Attendee List

  • ADeadHeart and posse
  • AgLining
  • KingDobbs
  • Mai
  • Rustneversleeps and gf
  • Tobias


To Best Western Camelot from points South:

Take Highway 91 North to Exit 24.
At the end of the exit turn right.
The Best Western Camelot Inn is located behind Red Lobster on the right side.

To Best Western Camelot from points North (including Bradley International Airport):

Take Highway 91 South to Exit 24.
At the end of the exit turn left.
The Best Western Camelot Inn is located behind Red Lobster on the right side.

To Best Western Camelot from points East or West:

Take Rte. 84 to Hartford and merge onto Rte. 91 South. (from East, use Charter Oak Bridge)
Take Highway 91 South to Exit 24.
At the end of the exit turn left.
The Best Western Camelot Inn is located behind Red Lobster on the right side.

To Bowl-a-Rama from Best Western Camelot:

Exit hotel and turn right onto Silas Deane Highway.
Follow through several lights and turn Left onto Rte. 175/Wells Rd.
Turn right onto the onramp to the Berlin Turnpike (Route 5/15 North)
You'll see the Bowl-a-Rama on your left, but fear not! Make a U-Turn by Nott St.

To Giuffrida Park from Best Western Camelot:

Exit the hotel and take a left onto the Silas Deane Highway.
(If you need picnic supplies, Stop and Shop will be up Townline Road on your right, next to Wal-Mart.)
Take a right onto Route 91 South towards New Haven.
Take Exit 20 for Middle Street towards Country Club Road.
Turn Left at Middle Street.
Turn Right at Country Club Road.
Continue Straight onto Westfield Road (Do not turn right onto Atkins St.)
Giuffrida Park will be on your right.

To Denny's from Best Western Camelot:

Walk out of the hotel and turn to the right when you get to the Silas Deane highway.

It's right there. Walk to it.

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