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 Show Name:  Lookit That "S" 
 Prize Multi:  VexingVulpes (#2700392) 

 Age:  29 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Yuma, Arizona 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
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Cars-Lyle is currently in the middle of a special project and is collecting pieces of toast. She needs as many as she can possibly acquire by December 10th. At current totals, she still has a goal of about another 70K pieces!

Everyone has an origin story

While it is true that most have an origin story, Cars-Lyle's was mostly lost to the ages. Little is known about her life pre-2013, but there is some talk that at one point she used to wander the kingdom under the alias Maristella for many years, before being hit in the head and losing all of her memory (including those pesky bits of knowledge, like her Kingdom login information!) As it were, and so came to slay a Car Dragon, and was hence forth known as Cars-Lyle.
(In Real Life, Carslyle just went through a period of being incredibly stressed out and forgetful, and had to take a more of less mandatory hiatus from the Kingdom, in which her account was wiped due to inactivity. That Maristella bit was all true though).

Contact Info

Song requests/other kingdom business:
Facebook: Sarah.underwood86 [1] (Please send a message with friend requests- I actually do like to know who you guys are)
AIM: Ravencarslyle
Tumblr: iamcaptainsparkles [2]

Music that Cars-Lyle will NOT play

The list of music that Carslyle will not play under any circumstance is very short, but includes:
- Overly violent rap
- Screemo
- Anything that uses racial slurs
- Songs that talk about violence against women (The only exception to this rule would be Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues")

Notes on intended format

As with any DJ in The Kingdom, Cars-Lyle wants to put out a show that is not only interesting, but enjoyable to her listeners. She hopes to accomplish this by mixing up her format occasionally. Music is of course the major backbone. News/current events are important to her, and so at least once weekly, there will be a talky bit where a news article (either foreign or domestic) is discussed. Also, Cars-Lyle is a huge book nerd, and will occasionally read snippets from books, and encourage her listeners to read them too. For the time being (as her resources are limited) contests with have to be few and far between, and if they occur at all, will most likely be unplanned and random.

Fun Facts

- Cars-Lyle has an affinity for foxes, and will often talk about them, or post pictures of them. Thusly, sending cute pictures of foxes to Cars-Lyle or linking her to cute videos, is one of the quickest ways to make her want to be friendly with you.
- Cars-Lyle's official title (as granted by her clan in 2013) is: Dame Cars-Lyle, Slayer of Car Dragons, Holy regent of the realms, Emissary of the highest class, protector of all creatures in the genus of Canidae, and Patron saint of drunken fools.
- Cars-Lyle LOVES random fun facts, and ones that she finds particularly interesting, may be rewarded.
- Cars-Lyle's name is pronounced "Car-lyle", though one particular member/DJ of The Kingdom :cough:YellowToast:cough: would argue otherwise.

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