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 Show Name:  Big Tales from Little Canadia 
 Prize Multi:  caseyweederbot 

 Location:  Little Canadia 
 Twitter:  caseyweederman 

Show Times:
Saturdays 8PM-12AM, EST


Casey and Spacey

Casey is rarely seen without his lovely, lovely ex-co-host Space Piranha.

She's got her own shows now, but she's always nearby.


Send any and all requests to I'll play most anything, unless I don't want to. Christmas music MUST be accompanied by egg nog sent to caseyweederbot (or to me in person). Otherwise it gets squelched.


8pm-12am EST, every Saturday.


Alice's Army Tournament

You'll need at least five AA cards to participate in this contest. This isn't meant to be a boundary, and if you ask around many players and DJs are usually more than happy to lend or give cards to players just starting out.

The contest starts at the beginning of my show and ends just before rollover every Saturday.

You have as many chances as you wish to qualify by defeating me in a game of Alice's Army. Once you've qualified I'll put your name in THIS SPREADSHEET (link later), a spreadsheet hammered out by player Toolag. Thanks, Toolag!

As soon as you're on the sheet you're free to challenge every other qualifier and type the results into the spreadsheet.

A win is 2 points for you and 0 points for your opponent. A tie is 1 point for each you and your opponent. A loss is 0 points for you and 2 points for your opponent.

You'll only need to type in the points you earned, Toolag's spreadsheet will auto-complete the corresponding result.

At the end of the night, the player with the most points wins!


The winner of the tournament each week gets a Radio Button Candy, and everybody else gets some random junk or booze lying around in caseyweederbot's closet.

Speaking of prize giveaways, they would be pretty sad if you didn't keep the larders well-stocked, wouldn't they? Send prize donations to caseyweederbot, and feel free to designate them specifically for the 'cipher'. Otherwise, all prizes will go to regular contests.

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