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== The Wild Scottish Rose Show ==
== The Wild Scottish Rose Show ==
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[[Category:DJs in the UK]]
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[[Category: GLBT DJs]]
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The Wild Scottish Rose Show

Cat Killer

 Show Name:  The Wild Scottish Rose Show 
 Prize Multi:  sindon 

 Age:  24 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Scottish 
 Twitter:  Cat_Killer 

Show Times:
See Schedule

With your host, Cat_Killer!

Some rules: Cat_Killer will play anything once - but with some things only once. She'll only kill a song with really good reason, if it's too violent, or offensive, or really bad.

She will normally play any song requested through blue (private) message, as long as she has it, but if she says "no requests", do NOT gmail her anything, as this really ticks her off.

Donations can be sent to the prize multi, Sindon (#689690).


Unless she has something really cool to give out, CK's contests normally go thuswise - she'll click on someone's name in chat, read out the details of their profile, and then wait for the answers to pour in. She accepts one answer each only, and only blue messages (/msg Cat_Killer playername). She regards anything else as spamming. She either rolls a die, or asks the lovely chatbot to roll for her, and then announces the winner. These contests Happen fairly frequently on her show, but it all depends on how much stuff Sindon's got.

Random Crap Days

CK has days where it's all about the random crap. During such days, the songs are generally random, and the prizes are also randomly chosen. There are always 11 prizes, but it can be anything from a petrified time to 1500 wads of dough. That's the fun of random crap day!


The prize multi, Sindon, will give out any volume of Accordion Thief buffs free of charge. Just send a blue message or a Kmail.


Cat_Kiiier, Thunderbunch_prize_multi, Skud, CatKiller, Troon_Glasgow, Jamietosser, C_K, Cat_Kilter, KatKulluh

Contact Info

AIM: catkillerkol


Yahoo: (Don't email here, this is for Y!IM)

Twitter: Cat_Killer

MSN: (Don't email here, this is for MSM)

Home page:


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