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Chatbot is a useful tool for radio listeners and DJs. She announces the stream info into /radio, she can tell you which DJ is playing, what the previous 10 songs were, and can roll a "dice" for the DJs to determine contest winners.

Full details of chatbot's history and functionality can be found on the kolwiki [1]

Radio Specific Commands

In case of conflict between this list and the kolwiki [2] list assume the kolwiki list is correct, as more people update that wiki.

Radio Commands

   * /msg chatbot radio
   * /msg chatbot dj <station>
   * /msg chatbot rsubscribe <station>
   * /msg chatbot rhistory <station>
   * /msg chatbot radio unsubscribe 

<station> can be WKOL or GKoL, if ommited or not one GKoL or WKoL stations, defaults to Radio KoL (rKoL). Case does not matter.

Interacting with chatbot

Chatbot has been programmed to publicly respond to a variety of emotes. Some of these refer to types of dance which may be fun for certain songs played on the rKol.

   * /em boogies with chatbot
   * /em chews chatbot
   * /em dances with chatbot
   * /em does the robot with chatbot
   * /em does the timewarp with chatbot 
   * /em does the jitterbug with chatbot
   * /em does the electric slide with chatbot
   * /em does the mashed potato with chatbot
   * /em does the lambada with chatbot
   * /em does the watusi with chatbot
   * /em does the hokey pokey with chatbot
   * /em dances a jig with chatbot
   * /em hugs chatbot 
   * /em loves chatbot
   * /em moshes with chatbot
   * /em pokes chatbot
   * /em polkas with chatbot
   * /em reprograms chatbot
   * /em rocks out with chatbot
   * /em slamdances with chatbot
   * /em tangos with chatbot
   * /em waltzes with chatbot
   * /em salsas with chatbot
   * /em hides behind chatbot
   * /em smiles at chatbot
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