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A DJ cactus is Cindipool! (#2248047)

 Show Name:  Cindy's Cactus Patch 
 Prize Multi:  Cindykins (#2426990) 

 Age:  Legal 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  United Kingdom 
 Twitter:  NOPE 

Show Times:
(EST) Tuesday 16.00-19.00, Sunday 09.00-11.00



Some say she is an ambassador for a secret race of sentient cactus people... And that she once made a tiny clone of herself (SBP-2426990) that follows her around everywhere... All we know is, a radio cactus is me!

First Show!

Cindipool's first show was on the 1st of July at 4pm EST - 9 o'clock in the evening for her. It went really well... until Mixxx glitched. A reboot later and the mic was all wrong... but then she worked it out and everything was 'kay! At no point did anyone have to take the streams, so that's good, right? Hopefully future shows will be a little less hectic.


The Cactus Patch

My show, yay! From nine to midnight every Tuesday, and two to four in the afternoon every Sunday (all these times GMT). You should listen to it.

Cover Shows

If I'm awake and there's a hole in the schedule, I might cover it! And that would be interesting.

The Sounds the Cacti Make

Country in the mornings, disco in the evenings, indie, classical and video game stuff whenever I feel like it.

The Sound the Cacti Will Never Make

Viva La Vida by Coldplay, and anything containing it. No way, not happening, don't even ask. If you get it in my list under a different name, I will never accept requests from you ever again.

Kasha Sings

Kasha is a friend of mine who likes singing. She makes covers. You will hear them.

Broadcasting Rig


Communicating with your Cactus Overlord

As well as e-mail for requests, you can find me in /radio in the Kingdom of Loathing Kingdom Chat of Loathing for the Kingdom of Loathing. I also have a Skype (available on request), and a /talkie channel at /kenneth 93.5 (which is the average wavelength of BBC Radio 4, if you're interested).

More Words!

I will put words here once I have them. Until then, don't watch this space! You'll strain your eyes.

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