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This page is intended to help anyone, with any program or device that is capable, connect to RadioKoL. New devices and programs will be added as they are discovered and a method for connecting them is discovered.


Windows Programs

Mac Programs

  • Itunes -
  • Amarok -
  • VLC Media Player -
  • Songbird -

Linux Programs

Other Devices

  • Ipod - If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch with the 3.0 (or later) firmware, you can do the following: Open in Safari; Click the links for the 24 or 64k streams; Safari will open a media player and begin the stream; You can then CLOSE Safari and the stream will continue to play in the background, so you can check mail, use apps, whatever.
  • Zune -
  • Blackberry - Put (for 24k) or (for 64k) into the browser on your Blackberry
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