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Not Another DJ Page!

Well, yes, it is.

Gecko is a 30-something (at time of going to print) geek (duh) straight (sorry) girl (yep) who got the radio bug at university (in 2001) and utterly failed to do anything about it in the intervening decade. She also talks about herself in the third person and (as you may have noticed) has a penchent for overuse of brackets (that's these things).

That changes NOW.

Well, the doing something about being a radio DJ. The rest I'm keeping pretty much the same.

While on air I'll be lurking in /radio as DJGecko and that's where any prizes will come from. I also run as JennaF and between the two I spend altogether too much time in Loathingland.

Music will mostly consist of classic rock, but may also include pagan folk, stuff I heard a band busking with on the street, classical covers of modern pop mulch, some guy I found on youtube and my friends singing around a campfire while dressed as elves. If it sucks, send me something else! :)

Games will be largely whatever randomosity I come up with between shows and may include trivia, guessing games, I-spy, Where in the Kingdom is DJGecko, treasure hunts... and if the prizes suck, send me something else! (you see where I'm going with this)

More will be added here when I work out how to make a wiki go. I have literally never edited one before.

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