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The purpose of this page is to provide a series of "maps" that can be used to translate the information in the Radio Stream to determine the current DJ (like Chatbot does). If you are not a programmer, or do not know how to parse HTML pages, this page will not be of use to you.

This page is a special protected page that can only be edited by the DJs.

Use and Guidelines

Here is the format for this page.
The DJ's information will be in the following format:

  • type, searchstring, DJname

That is, the line will begin with a <li> tag of some sort followed by the type of information given on this line, then a comma, then the string, or substring that should be be present in that information tag, then the DJs name (as given in the schedule and here at the Wiki)

This will look like this:

  • AIM, cassandra, Cassandra

This means: In DJ Cassandra's AIM info tag in her radio stream, she will always include the word "cassandra" in that field. It may be cassandrakol, cassandra7kol, thisiscassandra, or any other similar variation.

Guidelines for Programmers

  1. The section of information for parsing will begin with one * then "BEGIN MAPS" then another * inside a header tag.
  2. The end of the section will be the same, but with "END MAPS"
  3. All lines will have three comma-separated information parts
  4. The type can be AIM or GENRE
  5. please treat all entries as non-case sensitive UNLESS you are trying to link back to a Wiki page for the DJ, in which case the DJ Name must be treated as case sensitive.
  6. Don't forget that the information may be a substring don't rely on exact matches.
  7. Don't forget to allow for whitespace that may be around the commas and may not be.
  8. Best to look at the source to determine exact parsing specifications. The Wiki does strange things with input. Be as robust as possible.
  9. Please do not continuously poll this page this page will change only occasionally. Please do not poll this page more than once an hour. Once a day would be preferred.

Guidelines for Editors

  1. If you are unsure about doing this, contact Cassandra
  2. Make sure that your information is UNIQUE to you. Do not use someone else's UNIQUE tag for a joke.
  3. Your map can refer to information in your AIM stream info or your GENRE stream info.
  4. You can put multiple maps for yourself, but they will probably be checked in order listed, so put the most likely one first (if you never change your AIM, put that one first rather than a show name that might change)
  5. You must not put anything, or any special code in the mapping section or put Wiki code in the maps themselves.
  6. You must not change the section begin and end notifiers.
  7. To Clarify: This does NOT need to be your actual AIM information, but the information that is in your AIM field or a substring (just part) of the information in your AIM. Many DJs do not have their real AIM information in this spot.
  8. If you change your stream information, make sure this page is updated, or programs and bots may forget who you are.

The initial settings are from Chatbot's mapping.


  • genre, Heartless Radio, ADeadHeart
  • AIM, adeadheart, ADeadHeart
  • AIM, albassoon, AlBassoon
  • genre, Radio Free, Amplitude
  • genre, amplitude, Amplitude
  • genre, Detention, Ashallond
  • AIM, cassandra, Cassandra
  • AIM, cat_killer, Cat_Killer
  • genre, EyeSpeculum, EyeSpeculum
  • AIM, fusilliban, Fusilliban
  • AIM, grokthemad, GrokTheMad
  • genre, groxycore, GrokTheMad
  • AIM, haplo, Haplo
  • AIM, jezebelle, Jezebelle
  • AIM, Jick, Jick
  • AIM, kolmohdee, KolMohDee
  • AIM, larzdapunk, Larzdapunk
  • AIM, lehks, Lehks
  • AIM, lillith, Lillith
  • genre, lillith, Lillith
  • AIM, DJLyxia, Lyxia
  • genre, Lyxia, Lyxia
  • AIM, merik, Merik
  • AIM, Skullhead, Mr Skullhead
  • genre, skullhead, Mr Skullhead
  • AIM, nsurgnie, NSurgnie
  • AIM, opai, Opai
  • genre, dead air, Opai
  • AIM, pva kol, PrimaVeraAngelhair
  • AIM, kolruta, Rutabega
  • AIM, saskia, Saskia
  • AIM, SeltzerDuke, SeltzerDuke
  • genre, SeltzerDuke, SeltzerDuke
  • AIM, starkmoon, Starkmoon
  • genre, StarkRavingRadio, Starkmoon
  • AIM, wesley, The DREAD Pirate Wesley
  • genre, fireswamp, The DREAD Pirate Wesley


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