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'''You will hear:'''
'''You will hear:'''
Lots of good stuff. Or so I assume...
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+ - If you want to hear something I don't have then send it here. :)

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DerektheRed (#2006756)

 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  DerektheDead (#2284546) 

 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  NewEngland aka 'Seaside Town' 

Show Times:
Mondays 3am-6am EST

What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows

Radio KoL's werecouch is now a FNG DJ!



One day someone in chat decided to sit on me. That was how I was cursed to be a werecouch. They say the only way to kill a werecouch is to stab it with a silver remote control, or to rip off the tag which reads 'Do not remove this tag' with a pair of silver tweezers. Please, don't try these things. They are painful.

Show Times

Mondays 3am-6am EST


Ska, movie soundtracks, anything off Guitar Hero or Rock Band... That's a pretty big question...

Favorite bands include: Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Metallica, Primus, Smashing Pumpkins, anyone who makes an interesting cover of a good song.

You will hear: Lots of good stuff. Or so I assume...

Requests: - If you want to hear something I don't have then send it here. :)


Tagline: Kmail me the name of the movie which uses the tagline I read off and your correct answer will enter you in a drawing. Winner gets popcorn, drinks, and a red balloon from the theater :)


I will only do contests if my prize multi DerekTheDead has the resources donated to her to enable the contests.


DerektheRed: Plastic Guitars & Mullet Wigs DerektheDead: Brains.... of any kind...

Listener Comments

"DerektheRed is Great!" - Yellow Toast

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