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Discworldian Retired from Radio KoL. Her last show was the 9th of September 2010



 Show Name:  THE CHAIN 
 Prize Multi:  dissquirreledian (#1721945) 

 Age:  25 
 Location:  Londonish, UK 
 Email:  discworldian@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  discworldian 

Show Times:
Friday: 2PM - 4PM
Saturday: 10AM - 1PM
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows


Who She Is

The first ever non-native-English-speaking RKOL DJ! Born in the Netherlands (that's somewhere near Holland, in Amsterdam) but now living in the UK. Starting her radio career in GKOL, now working here.

Also, the name has nothing to do with Disco. Anyone but Lehks suggesting this will die a horrible death.

She can easily be made to rant by mentioning JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Katy Perry, Goreans, parents who are against vaccination, and bi-my-man-sexuals. Stopping these rants is a lot more difficult.

What She Plays

Decemberists will be played at least many times during her show, and her collection is otherwise eclectic. Seriously. If she doesn't have it (and other DJs have ransacked her drive for music!) then email it to her, in MP3 format and properly tagged. No guarantee it will get played immediately, but it will be lined up as soon as possible unless it's grossly offensive (homophobic, sexist or racist, etc). This includes the band Mayhem and quite a lot of Gangsta Rap.

She will also happily play your bumps! Feel free to send them in to discworldian@gmail.com!

Contests and such

If you would like to donate, please send items (apart from WANGs) to dissquirreledian (#1721945)


At any time in any of discWorLdian's shows you are invited to suggest a song that links with whatever track she is playing. You can do this in two ways: *In-game: Choose a song from the playlist, and say why this song links up with whatever is on air. Be creative! (K-Mail only please - PM will not be accepted) *Email: Send a mail to discworldian@gmail.com containing the title and artist of the song, a properly tagged MP3, an explanation of the link (once again, be creative!) and your player name and number. Check discWorLdian's playlist above before emailing tracks - she may already have it.

You can and need only enter once, with one song. You can always request songs without links, though :).

Prizes are awarded at the end of the show - bonus points for especially imaginative CHAIN LINKS

THE CHAIN is currently not being played.


"I need a mashup of Bananaphone and Crazy Frog. The need for this devours my soul." The best mashup received before a date yet to be decided will win a lot of stuff.

Contacting Her

Email discworldian@gmail.com or send a friendly PM.

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