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DonnaMatrix Retired from Radio KoL. Her last show was the 18th of January 2010

Donna's Awesome Avatar by drave113

 Show Name:  Under The Covers 
 Prize Multi:  DonnaBoobies 

 Age:  34 
 Sex:  Girlygirl 
 Location:  Ferry ride from Seattle, Washington 
 Twitter:  DonnaMatrixKoL 

Show Times:
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at midnight Eastern!
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows

Under the Covers with DonnaMatrix: Come for the meat, stay for the Boobies! ~Glaxor

Don't turn Donna off when you should be turning her on! ~Mister Knee

The only thing bigger than Donna's boobies is her laugh and personality. ~Mister Knee

Donna's mouth, it has room for six! ~Icarius (After Donna compared her mouth to a car.)

There is no after Donna, there is only Zuul. ~Nassive


Under The Covers

Donna is a total cover whore thus most of her shows are "Under The Covers". She has a fairly extensive collection of cover songs of pretty much all genres and will play them in whatever order feels good at the time. You are welcome to message her in game to ask if she has a particular cover and will play it. If she does not and you have a copy, you can send it to and she will do her best to get it on air for you, though that may not be until the next show.


As Donna often says, she loves to give shit away and so has two contests which will run each and every show.

The Donnas Contest

Donna's self-serving, ego-maniacal contest. Whenever you hear a song by the Donnas, you are to blue message her with something about her. Tell her you love her, tell her you hate her or tell her you think she should shut the hell up and get back to music. As long as it mentions her, it counts as an entry. Winners receive half a million meat and Donna's heart. Note that this contest is a joke, a gimmick, something fun to involve the listeners and give her silly things to talk about. Ego stroking is nice, but not necessary. In fact, the more unusual and creative, the better. She has been known to give bonus prizes to especially interesting entries.

Foosy Trivia

Super simple trivia where, if you know yourself, you know the answer because the questions are often about your underwear or unusual habits. This contest's entries are gathered through kmail so make sure to go green. Of the two contests, this is "the big one" so if Donna has anything big to give away, such as a Mr. Accessory or Voluminous Radio gear, this is likely when she would do it. When not giving away something grand, the prize is 1 million meat, a radio button candy, and whatever else falls into her box.

Donna's Favorite Entries

    CrazyDiscoStew (private): Coated in leather, light as a feather, hot as a sauna, sweet sweet donna
    itsDRU (private): They say that laughter is the best medicine, then, your laughter is the 
                      best drug I have ever been on. :) Thanks for keeping me "high".
    Chadomancer (private): Donna, if you ever write a book, it should be called 
                           "Things you shouldn't know, but I'm going to tell you anyway"
    Cri (private): Donna dear, i was staring at my Horrible playlist when My Eyes saw you Slipping. 
                   Unfortunatly My Freeze Ray couldn't save you but A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do. 
                   So Everything You Ever wanted will come with a Brand New Day, So They Say 
    Psychosis (private): I love you like Charlie Sheen loves his coke benders.
    JD McSquinty (private): What can I say about the lately much lauded lusty larger-than-life lovely 
                            and lickable living legend lady that I love? No less than I love you.
    Kyleighqua (private): You can take a rainbow, sprinkle it with badassery, cover it in chocolate and
                          one of Chuck Norris' pubic hairs, Donna, and it still wouldn't be awesome as you.
    Eloquent Rune (private): Donna sweet donna my heart wept while I slept last night 
                             yearning to hear but a whisper of your voice.
    Mayhem_And_Destruction (private): Oh Donna, My Donna, bright as the sun. 
                                      You were built for pleasure, but are way more fun.
    Shadowlynk (private): It seems that I'm off of my kick; / I'm tired of my haiku gimmick. / 
                          So just this one time / I've worked up a rhyme / to praise lovely Donna in a limerick!
    Oblongata (private): Donna, you are the fresh breeze in a too stuffy room, and further 
                         more your words are like freshly cut gems tumbling from your lips.
    Shadowlynk (private):  I'm out of haikus for tonight / but to enter your contests just right / 
                           I must write a poem / so that I can show 'em / the best way to praise your DJ might!
    Tastyfreeze (private):  You are so totally made of the purest win from the stream of awesome...
                            from here it was that you were bottled in a gorgeous glass and branded with a label of awesome!
    Cri (private): donna is dirty and full of kink. 
                   she may look innocent but it's not what you think. 
                   if you hear her giggle and hear a whip crack 
                   you better be a good boy or she'll give you a smack
    PrIncessEdward (private): I love how your musicshake brings all of the RKOL boys to the yard, 
                              and they're like, play me some more music
    Cri (private): Some things Donna says really make you think. 
                   The trivia is fun and even more fun if you drink. 
                   Tell her you love her and you might win her heart. 
                   But if you hurt our Donna we will tear you apart.
    Granite_Grizz (private): Donna once demolished an entire building with a single swipe from her crop. 
                             Sadly it was the wrong building... Those poor orphans.
    Eloquent Rune (private): If you were Buttercup I would seek to become the 
                             Dread Pirate Roberts to steal you away with more than just my love
    Drinkerbell (private):  Roses are red, Donna is sexy, Damn! I can only think of one 
                            rhyme for that, and I can't make it fit. Oh, well, We love you Donna!
    Cri (private): don't get mouthy or you'll get spatula smacks. 
                   donna will insitute a "bend over" tax. 
                   getting mouthy with donna is high treason. 
                   they call her donnamatrix for a very good reason
    Shadowlynk (private):  Beautiful Donna, / seventeen syllables is / just not enough to...
    Keezer McCoole (private): hi Donna, i uh.. well.. *blushes* i um.. *drags toe in circles on the ground* well i... iloveyoubye.
    Granite_Grizz (private): Donna has a blowup doll shaped like KolMohDee...
    Gamma_Ray (private): This is not a haiku / the first line had six syllables / the second has eight and Donna is awesome.
    Cri (private): Donna needs giggles and donna needs a hug. 
                   Donna needs spankings on a polar bear rug. 
                   I'd be willing to make you laugh and I will gladly hug you tight 
                   but i'll get NPH to spank your ass tonight

History of Donna

Once upon a time, there was a KoL newbie named Donna who was infatuated with Radio KoL and longed to be a DJ. Her clan members in Renegades of Funk (later to split into Ballad of Fallen Angels and Garden of Earthly Delights) took it upon themselves to insert into their profiles slogans such as "Donna for DJ!" so that when any of them won an artsy and Toe contest (as they often did), it would get read aloud on air. Despite this and the fact that Donna auditioned a couple of times, she was not made a DJ.

Then came a day when there was a thunderous crack and Radio KoL split, creating a new station called WKOL. Donna, being completely unconnected with the drama (and really quite unaware of it), joined this new station as DJ and scheduling whore. There she remained for nearly a year when Real Life(TM) pulled her away both from radio and the game.

After several years of relative seclusion, she returned one night in January, 2010 to listen to KolMohDee and was informed that there was an opening and that airchecks were due in just a few hours. Donna managed to scrape something together just in time and somehow managed to con the RKoL admin into hiring her.

Donna According to Moltar512

Coming from the streets of LA, this hard hitting former ABC news woman now currently mans the radio airwaves for Radio KOL.

Early Life:

She was born in the year 2121 during the second cyborg war to parents who were brilliant scientists. Using a focused tachyon trans dimensional portal beam, she was sent into the past to change fate and avert the building of Prime Zero One, the first cyborg with a completely robotic brain.

This fact is (even currently) unknown to her, as she believes she grew up in a relatively normal household. On her fifth birthday, she averted intergalactic war by giving an alien a piece of candy. It was later found that the aliens were hugely diabetic and, with their leader gone, went to establish galactic peace and tranquility.

She later attended St. Jude's Catholic School for Girls, where she wore one of those hot uniforms. She later fought the zombie uprising when the entire town was afflicted with a strange illness due to meteor radiation. She formulated sprawling plan, including the erection of a fort and even a production line of ammunition shells for each of the firearms available during the outbreak. Due to her courageous actions, the uprising was put down and contained, and a statue of her now sits in the town square.


She attended Harvard for her undergrad for Journalism, and later for her masters. She went on to cover stories such as a mass plague of cuteness due to a kitten cloning incident and a harrowing war between the makers of Mentos and Diet Coke.

Currently: She's studying under a Buddhist monk to become one of the few to master the Seven Star Dragon Claw, an amazing technique that can rip out the aorta with the blood still in it. With this deadly art, she plans to rid the world of terrorism from the evil organization of Cobra. Her code name is Carrageenan Karl to the GI Joes.

Donna In Art


   Eloquent Rune (#1144776)
   Sunday, March 07, 2010
From under the covers your voice does sing With a laugh as light as a gentle breeze, I rise to listen from bed with a spring, Playing your music that truly does please.
The Donnas play we shower you with blue. How long shall this boost to your ego last? Tell you we love you, tell you we hate you, Hearing you read them is always a blast.
Foosy Trivia is also your game. A question that anyone can get right, Knowledge of one's self simple to proclaim. Your private RNG never in sight
You may be one of the DJ newbies But I love getting things from your boobies
   aLhAnNA (#332947)  
   Thursday, March 11, 2010
There was a young lady named Donna For whose voice all her listeners were gone-a She spoke into the mic Night after night And began a new radio Genre
   aLhAnNA (#332947)  
   Thursday, March 11, 2010
Donna my lovely your hair glows like the sun shines whispy halo love
   HamGod (#2057719): 
   Thursday, March 18, 2010
I love your giggle You brighten my night and day Forever your fan

Visual Arts

Glaxor's rendition of Donna under the covers:

Cri's awesome use of personalized mugs:

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