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This DJ loves Bananaphone.

EyeSpeculum, most revered DJ of Radio KOL, runs an all-request show on Radio KOL, and starts his shows with requests for various versions of Bananphone, which he is always happy to play. It is a bit of an obsession for him.

EyeSpeculum is known for his political rants, his personal history in a hair-band, his enormous penis, and of course, his sweet, sweet love of Bananaphone. In the early days of the station, EyeSpeculum would do shows that lasted for hours, days, years, even weeks all by himself. He is a bit of a superman.

EyeSpeculum has five rules for requests, as follows:

  1. You, the sender, must like the song.
  2. The song cannot suck.
  3. The song must be attached as a file, preferably MP3 format.
  4. The song must NOT be Bananaphone, in any way, shape, or form. The song must NOT be the Scissor Sisters cover of Comfortably Numb. EyeSpeculum has been quoted saying of the song, "It is a travesty. It is an abomination. It should not fucking exist."
  5. It has to be decent recording quality.

The inherent contradiction between Rule #4 and EyeSpeculum's overwhelming adoration for Bananaphone continues to puzzle and confuse his listeners....

    • This DJ also can't edit his own damn page. :p
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