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Faustus Pringle
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 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  None Listed 

 Age:  32 
 Sex:  Not Provided 
 Location:  Sheffield, Britain 
 Email:  ben.swithen@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  @penciltonian 

Show Times:
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Faustus plays the keyboard, hammond organ, recorder and accordion, and was part of the band Jeremy and the Paxmen recorded some of the first KoL-related songs (including 'Phat Loot Lyric' and 'The Ballad of Kingdomy Things'. More recently, citizen Pringle worked on a double-concept concept-album in which every track was simultaneously about cheese and Doctor Who. [1]

Faustus once engaged in a project of watching 100 films from 100 years (in no especial order), and blogging about them. [2] Their music portfolio, audio-drama and alarming costumes and masks can all be found at benswithen.co.uk[3]

Faustus Pringle was one of Radio KoL's first British DJs, and was Hiring Director in 2004-5, which was a very long time ago.

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