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Faustus Pringle
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 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  None Listed 

 Age:  32 
 Sex:  Not Provided 
 Location:  Sheffield, Britain 
 Email:  ben.swithen@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  @benswithen 

Show Times:
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Faustus Pringle moonlights as a 17th-century Puritan, and has a pet kitten called Pencilton, who is also a puppet. [1]

Faustus plays the keyboard, hammond organ, recorder and accordion. It's by no means unknown for them to play their own music, or that of friends, acquaintances and enemies on their shows. If you or your associates have made some music, mx Pringle is keen to play it during their show. Their band Jeremy and the Paxmen recorded some of the first KoL-related songs. More recently, they worked on a double-concept concept-album in which every track was simultaneously about cheese and Doctor Who. [2]

They once engaged in a project of watching 100 films from 100 years (in no especial order), and blogging about them. [3] Their music portfolio, audio-drama and alarming costumes and masks can all be found at benswithen.co.uk[4]

Faustus Pringle was one of Radio KoL's first British DJs, and was Hiring Director in 2004-5, which was a very long time ago. Their shows could be heard on Wednesdays - but now they are no more.

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