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Fembot ArtsyPantS

 Show Name:  Sex & Candy 
 Prize Multi:  Rebound FAPS (#2466060) 

 Location:  the Internet 
 Email:  djfemmie@gmail.com 

Show Times:
All Times EDT
Tuesdays 3-5 AM
Fridays 7-9 PM
Saturdays 7-9 PM
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Little is known about the Fembot ArtsyPantS. After failing to brute force her way into the hearts of Radio KoL listeners during the summer of 2004-2010, Miss ArtsyPantS, known colloquially as simply "femmie" disappeared under questionable circumstances (although it is rumoured a moose, a piñata, and several bottles of Hendrick's gin were involved). Her glorious 2013 return to society on the wings of a black bird went largely unnoticed.

What to Expect

What details we can share at this time include the following:

  • Musical preference varies as widely as her hair colour. Listeners should expect a mix of Electro-Swing, J-pop, Riot Grrrl, British rock bands who became popular in or around 2005, and songs appearing in mobile phone commercials*. Often all in the same show.
  • Femmie is known to obsessively fangirl over a particular subject for a week or two before disavowing any association with said subject. (see: ukulele; the London underground; Sakamichi no Apollon; palindromes; Shocktop's seasonal sampler)
  • Only known weaknesses include bass players, tentacle pr0n, and any mention of Seattle**, although it is suspected this is but a small sample of a much larger list.

  • Seriously, they have the best music.
    • and Corgis. She has on more than one occasion been reduced to a quivering puddle of squeee watching that gif of the Corgi puppy playing with a doorstop.

Slam Friday

Once a week we celebrate Slam Friday. Usually this happens during the Friday broadcast. It's a thing. The sort of thing where listeners submit their poetry, either in pre-recorded form, or written for performance. Your participation is welcome. In fact, it is recommended. Strongly. We don't like to use the word "mandatory" but, well, you get the idea. Please submit your poetry to djfemmie@gmail.com.

Requests etc.

Requests are always accepted and appreciated (unless otherwise stated). MP3 format is required, appropriate tagging is recommended. If you submit awesome songs, expect to be rewarded. On the other hand, if you knowingly send utter crap, prepare to face the ire of your DJ. That's right. Ire.


Here are some completely unsolicited quotes:
"But ... you have connections. And boobies." - Jesus
8=====D - Telis_R
"Sometimes a bird will fall in love with a bee, and when the two meet, you should listen to Fembot ArtsyPantS!" - Ravengyre
"The most evil nemesis EVER." - GoodEats

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