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How to get a hold of me

  • AIM: BeansNFrnks
  • Twitter: djfranknbeans


My Current Vinyl Music Collection


Testing Your Broadcasting Rig

Message me and I'll give you access to my shoutcast test rig.

Internet DJ Console

Just a few notes for the folks out there who want to DJ on Linux.











It appears that Debian has a package already built, so if you are a Debian user, w00t!

goodeats reports that the precompiled package does not handle proprietary formats.
this means that you probably have to rebuild the pacakge anyway.


(section added by AiluroDragon - it's a work in progress as he attempts to get IDJC functional)

On Ubuntu as of karmic (9.0.10), the idjc package (0.7.14) claims to include mp3 support, and mp3s play in the console, but it doesn't seem to support Shoutcast out of the box. Le sigh.

New plan: download the source from the site (as listed in the Fedora instructions) and use "apt-get build-dep idjc" in an attempt to get everything Ubuntu thinks it needs to run (done), then try to build it an find out what other packages it actually needs, and list them below. (TBD)

Here's a list of packages I've got installed that I'm pretty sure I downloaded at some point. I'm actually not sure which of these could have been grabbed by apt-get build-dep idjc but between the IDJC homepage and the Fedora instructions, I think they are needed.

  • python
  • python-gtk2-dev
  • jackd
  • libjack0
  • vorbis-tools
  • libsndfile1
  • libsamplerate0
  • libshout3
  • libmp3lame0
  • libmad0
  • libfaad0
  • eyed3
  • python-eyed3


Mandriva does not appear to have a package, so you will have to follow my Fedora instructions.


I'm a Fedora user, but most of this stuff(short of yum) should be relevant to you.

Internet DJ Console website

Packages required

 * gcc
 * glibc-devel
 * glibc-headers
 * kernel-headers
 * python
 * pygtk2
 * pygtk2-devel
 * pygobject2
 * pygobject2-devel
   * IDJC is a python app
 * jack-audio-connection-kit
 * jack-audio-connection-kit-devel
   * IDJC Uses the Jack audio kit for it's magic
 * libsamplerate
 * libsamplerate-devel
 * libsndfile-devel
 * speex
 * speex-devel
   * Audio utilities, can't have DJ ranting without speex
 * python-mutagen
   * Tag files and the stream while DJing
 * lame
 * lame-devel
 * ffmpeg-devel
 * libshout-devel
 * libmad-devel
 * faad2-devel
 * flac-devel
 * libmp4v2-devel
    * MP3, WAV, MP4, FLAC, OGG support

  1. Download the latest IDJC from the home page.
  2. Untar it.
  3. cd to the dir it created
  4. ./configure
    For me on my Fedora 8 x86_64 machine, I had to call configure like so:
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/pkgconfig/ ./configure
  5. ./make
  6. <as root> make install
  7. <as root> edit /usr/local/bin/idjc
    If the following references 64 bit libs change them to the 32 bit counterparts
    export pkgpyexecdir=/usr/local/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/idjc
  8. run "idjc"

Interestingly, you need to set a preferences check box to get idjc to save your server password:

Prefs->Miscellaneous Features->Remember server passwords (potential security risk)
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