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The GRiDSAT was a non-contest on RisbyRoan's shows. The only prize given away was e-peen fame.

The premise of the GRiDSAT was never formally stated. All that was ever mentioned on air was that it had something to do with RisbyRoan's double shot contests, and how her brain works. The true nature of the GRiDSAT was not revealed until almost 3 years after Risby had retired.

What is the GRiDSAT?

GRiDSAT stood for "Guess Risby's Double Shot Ahead of Time". As the acronym implies, the GRiDSAT consisted of entering RisbyRoan's double shot contests before the first song had finished playing.


GRiDSAT Leaderboard
Player Score
Ricket 10
Urutsini 10
Torturelini 8
Hawksmoor 5
Kakadesu 4
BlindingPhil 2

The Usual Players

The following people knew how to enter the GRiDSAT contest when they were still being run.

  • BlindingPhil
  • Hawksmoor
  • Kakadesu
  • Ricket
  • Torturelini
  • Urutsini
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