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That ginger kid that licks strawberries.

GlEbs started out as Glebs, but had to capitalize the "E" in his name in order for Jick to be able to pronounce it correctly on air. He is also known as Gleebs.


Age: no one knows
Sex: Male
Location: Kingdom Of Loathing
Fave Multi: gleebs


Some say glEbs is the nippliest player in KoL, having nipples the size of pie plates which he shows to anyone with a camera. He was linked to whale-human adult relations in the past, having several interludes at Mystic Seaport. Please dont judge this sick sick minor.

  • GlEbs is also very good at winning radio contests. In less than a year, he has won over 50 contests on air. He attributes his winnings to his lack of lag on the radio because he plays it on realplayer, which allows you to skip ahead of the lag. He also posesses admirable google-fu and wiki-fu skills. His internet browser of choice is Firefox, but he will use Internet Explorer when on more than one character at once. GlEbs has been to 3 KoL meetups, and plans on attending KoLcon3.
  • He is popular among the DJs as well. KolMohDee has declared that glEbs is his official jailbait catcher, to keep himself out of jail with his flocks of underaged female fans. He also has an on the table proposal from Haplo for senior prom.
  • He collects 1.21 jigawatts (because back to the future is awesome), toy six seater hovercrafts (because he loves his dodecapede, which was a gift from SonDenise), slap and tickles with flies in them (because he had a bunch of salty dogs he wanted to get rid of, sweet ninja swords (formerly urinal cakes, but he sold them for sweet ninja swords because he likes being in first place) and both kinds of guitarrrs, because it was his idea to make them weapons.
  • glebs also convinced Jick to put 37 into the game
  • He is a very proud member of Teh Club.

where the E came from

Early on, glebs had much trouble with DJs saying his name incorrectly on air, pronouncing it "glehbs", with a short e. With no way to add an extra e, he capitalized his lone E to emphasize pronounciation. Now, people were reading the lowercase L in his name as a capital I. At this point, most DJs were familiar with glebs and how to say his name. Finally, he created the multi gleebs, which he still uses regularly. At some point after this he then changed his name to have the lowercase e again, but at the request and bribery of another player he added the E back. There. wasn't that interesting?

glEbs in KoL

By most standards, glebs is a spade. His score on the BarKoL test was somewhere around 37% spade (in a row?!) 30% heart, 29% diamond and 4% club. He loves discovering new content in the game, particularly the weekly "It's Tuesday!" update. glEbs built the first pixel shield in the kingdom. He is fairly compitent at Hardcore runs, averaging between 6 and 8 days. His multi, gleebs is an established softcore runner, doing regular 3 day runs and one 2 dayer. He is also coaching clannies of his through their hardcore runs, including Naamah and Cat Killer.

Comments on glEbs

  • GlEbs was born a poor black child. He was given to a wild pack of woodpeckers as a youth and took on their colorful plumage as an homage. As a part of his upbringing he learned to eat grubs he finds under the bark of trees, and to fly. It took him awhile to learn flight, as he has no feathers, but by persevering and braiding his arm hair he fashioned crude wings and took to the skies. He spent a few months learning to soar but a horrible accident involving nair removed his wings, so he left the nest at the tender age of ten. It was then that glEbs moved on to the big city to make his way in the world. It was his ability to ask hundreds of questions an hour that got him his first job as a moustache ride mechanic, he took the quarters and helped with maintenance. Its a good time to gloss over the actual specifics of his job. After a few months and several hair-burns he moved on to the Kingdom of Loathing. The rest is history... Written by: SlabBulkHead
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