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 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  MiniMicroMeccaGmorg (#2593333) 

 Age:  old enough to know better, still too young to care 
 Sex:  not enough 
 Location:  An island surrounded by Kraken 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Once upon a time, on an island surrounded by Kraken there lived a self-rescuing Princess. She was fearless in the face of Spiders, Devils, Disease and even Teenagers- but the one thing she could not stand was the sound of her own recorded voice. To save herself from this fear she turned to the interwebs and became a DJ with her favourite online radio station... the rest as they say, is history. Gmorg identifies as a Poly-Bi-Anthropomorphic Tigress, Mother of 2 and all round "nice guy". Gmorg's life is an open book- but if you skip the first few chapters that's ok 'cause its pretty boring.

Show Times

Gmorg's Musical Smorgasbord - Sundays 9pm-midnight EDT/ Mondays 1pm-4pm AEDT

Booby Prize Show- Saturdays 3-5am EDT/ Saturdays 7pm-9pm AEDT


Gmorg's Musical Smorgasbord has an eccentric and eclectic mixture of music including, but not limited to: Eurovision Song Contest entries, Bubblegum music, 60's- 70's- 80's- and 90's rock, Covers, Pop goes Punk, Symphonic Metal and Orchestral Pop. Bands and artists include Tim Minchin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Angels, Ed Sheeran, Apocalyptica and Walk off the Earth.

Requests: Your requests can be made by Blue Message (in-game private message, Green Message (In-game email) or by sending your request in MP3 format to Please make sure your request is correctly labeled so I know what it is before I play it. :)


During the Smorgasbord Show the RANDOM PRIZE contest will be played at least once. This competition is RANDOM in both name and nature- the prizes are selected at random from the contents of the Prize Multi's closet. The prize may be good, bad or indeterminate, but it will ALWAYS be random- unless specifically stated at the beginning of the contest.

The Booby Prize Show may or may not have a RANDOM PRIZE contest, or a BOOBY PRIZE Contest.


Any donations of meat and items for prize giveaways should be sent in to MiniMicroMeccaGmorg (#2593333) ALL DONATORS WILL GET A THANK YOU ON AIR... unless you specify anonymity with your donation.


Anything Turtle related

Check out my Display Case :3

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