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(What is pho?)
(What is pho?)
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== What is pho? ==
== What is pho? ==
Vietnam's treasured beef noodle soup that brings families together.
Vietnam's treasured beef noodle soup that brings families together.

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One hot dish of Pho!


Enjoy delicious Hot Pho

But be warned, if you are not careful you might get burned.

  • gmail: HotPhoDJ (sounds like hot fudge) at, obviously. Send clean well-tagged mp3s, please.
  • Request Line:1 701-4-HOT-PHO
  • AIM: HotPhoDJ
  • Twitter: HotPho
  • IRC: Radio KoL IRC Chat
  • LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook: Not so much.
Hot Pho
All Temperature Pho

 Show Name:  Hot Pho's Scrumptious Delights 
 Prize Multi:  FauxPhoFoe 

 Age:  Your Momma 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Northern California 
 Email:  hotphodj@gm 
 Twitter:  HotPho 

Show Times:
See Schedule

A Radio KoL DJ is Hot Pho!

It's pronounced "fuh". If that is too ambiguous, start to say any of the following words, and then stop just before you hit the ending consonants: Fun, fudge, fuck, fuzz, funk etc. Do you get it now?


Hot Pho has regularly scheduled midnight shows on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday "nights", although the official schedule considers them morning time slots, so the days can get confusing to those location-ally or time-zonally challenged. Here is what the schedule says:

  • Thurs 3:00am -5:00am
  • Fri 3:00Aam -5:00am
  • Satur 3:00am -5:00am

(US Eastern Time)


Pho happily plays your requests and dedications.I f you want her to play something, try to send the request in early, along with the mp3 if you have it. You can also call in requests, but in case she doesn't have it, sending the file is a good idea. See contact info above. Hot Pho will play almost anything, and is always looking for new discoveries.

Do you want to BUMP Hot Pho?

Pho needs regular and thorough bumping to keep her happy. She wants to be bumped by you, and you, and you, and especially YOU! If you want to hear your own voice on the radio, record bump (aka DJ and station ID) and send it to her! You can also call her google voice number and leave a message which she might play on air. Each week she will pick her favorite bumps and give away some sweet radio prizes to the creators so send in as many as you want! As for content? Funny and sexy is always good, but anything you want to say will be appreciated. Just remember to include:Hot Pho, radio KoL and if it suits your style, include one of my theme show names:

  • Scrumptious Delights
  • Ravage & Plunder
  • Pirate Radio
  • Brainwreck Radio
  • Rehab Radio

She also might answer the phone and talk to you. 1-701- 4 HOT PHO

What is pho?


Vietnam's treasured beef noodle soup that brings families together.

Get us together in a room and we'll debate endlessly over the north and south of our politics, the clashes of our history, the contradictions of our culture.

But mention pho (pronounced fuh)... and immediately our differences vanish. Our eyes shine, our faces beam. All of a sudden we've become an agreeable family with a love for one another that's as strong, compelling and reassuring as the beefy steam that billows and curls from a bowl of pho.

Sound overstated? Not one bit... For to us, pho is life, love and all things that matter. We treasure pho, and most of us have loved it since the day we were old enough to hold a pair of chopsticks.

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