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Contents #radio-kol

The "official" Radio KoL IRC chat channel is located on The room name is #radio-kol. It is sparsely populated, with an average of 20 people logged in and 2-6 actively speaking, but the people there are generally good folk to hang around and chat with. chatbot is always in the channel and keeps us updated with the same "currently playing" information as you see in /c radio on KoL itself. To launch IRC chat with your already installed chat click here


The vast majority of users in #radio-kol use mIRC. Many other clients are available, however, and are suited to taste. If you're just stepping in and don't want to download an IRC client just yet (or can't download one where you are), the network the channel lives on provides a CGI client, found here.


  • Channel Owner/Super Operator (~): Fusilliban
  • Super Operator (&): Haplo
  • Operators (@): Any DJ who hangs out there often enough to register their nick!
  • Half-ops (%): basket, butsuri, fireball, Fnord7, Zalan


Rule #1 in IRC chat is pretty easy: Don't be an idiot. Jackassery is completely subjective and is determined by whatever ops/hops are on at the time. If you have a problem with a half-op or an op, or with channel administration in general, bring it to Haplo or Fusilliban.

Simple Commands

If you've used KoL chat, then IRC should be very easy to learn, since the commands used in the KoL chat are based on IRC commands.

  • To join a channel: /join #channelname
  • To leave a channel: /part #channelname [optional goodbye message]
  • To leave entirely: /quit [optional goodbye message]
  • To change your nickname: /nick [newnick]
  • To register your nickname: /msg nickserv register [password] [email] - you will receive an email at the given address with a code that you must return and /msg to nickserv in order to complete the registration. Once a nickname is registered, you can password-protect that name such that other people cannot use it without the password.
  • To emote: "/me emotes passive-aggressively" - just like in KoL chat.
  • To send a private message to someone: "/msg TheOtherGuy Hey, I hear you're on IRC now" - also just like in KOL chat.

For more help with IRC, please visit or check out this list of commands.

IRC->AIM /translation

  • Query : Instant message
  • Channel : Chatroom
  • Nick : Changeable screenname
  • CTCP : Client To Client Protocol, like direct connecting, but better :)
  • Services : Bots run by the server owners which provide many helpful features, particularly protection of registered nicks and channels.

Other KoL-related Channels

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