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emo kid.

 Show Name:  Unadulterated Loathing 
 Prize Multi:  minxi 

 Age:  18 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Cola, SC 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
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Basic Information

inari is mostly known as inari, and prefers this over all, but also will answer to her given name, if you know it.

She also loves getting phonecalls. Feel free to kmail her and ask her for her digits- she'll probably give them to you, if she doesn't tell you '20'.

Contact Information

AIM: komies
Facebook: Robyn Grey

Personal Info


  • Occupation: Professional Good Time Ruiner
  • Birthday: September 16th


inari would like you to lead you to assume she has hobbies outside the computer, but doesn't think you'd believe her.


inari was born, and then some stuff happened, and now here she is today!

inari begain DJing on July 7th, 2004, six days after Artsytoe and Severedchick began running RKOL. She was the first hired DJ and was soon followed by her brother, EyeSpeculum. Her last show was on January 21st, 2006, for a total run of eighteen months- that time. She hopes to reapply and return to the air soon. You can still sometimes catch her as a guest with Prima Vera Angelhair, Merik, or NSurgnie.



Inari-zushi (stuffed sushi): A pouch of fried tofu filled usually with just sushi rice. It is named after the Shinto god Inari, whose messenger, the fox, is believed to have a fondness for fried tofu. The pouch is normally fashioned from deep-fried tofu (or abura age). Regional variations include pouches made of a thin omelet (or fukusazushi) or dried gourd shavings (or kanpyo).

Inari is like the sushi for which she is named. Except instead of sushi rice, she is filled with love and wisdom... ~Gyric

It has been said that Inari, when the sun hangs red in the sky, will assume her true form and slaughter a thousand innocents to forge a Throne of Bone on which she will drink the menstrual blood of a thousand virgins from a goblet fashioned from a goat's skull. Least, that's what I've heard. ~Awesome

Inari makes cool jewelry, and she puts fox-girl slobber all over. She also makes pretty sweet artwork and loves photography.

Inari's Favouritest Ever Ever Ever Bedtime Story

Orlando (private): Once, a long time ago in a far away kingdom, there was a little princess. People all around would listen to her. Then an evil lord came through and said that no one who was so young could speak to the crowds. The little princess held up her petite middle finger and said "*!@$ you! I'm grandfathered." The End.

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