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Janecoder (#2226243)

 Show Name:  Jane's Three-Finger Discount 
 Prize Multi:   

 Age:  22 
 Sex:  Grrrl 
 Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden 
 Email:  djanecoder@gmail.com 

Show Times:
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Jane is a tough and geeky DJ in Sweden who lives with her girlfriend and spends most of her non-DJ time skating, gaming, coding, or reading. Her favorite things are roller derby, cuddles, tanks, fizzy soda water, her partner, and herself.


  • First Show: Sep 25, 2012
  • Hair Color: Yes
  • Skate Size: 11
  • Superpower: CLASSIFIED


Jane's Three-Finger Discount

Jane's shows tend to center around female-fronted punk, pop, or electronic music, especially riot grrl. Plenty of other music creeps in if it's either badass or cute. Requests are encouraged either via blue message or IRC. So is rioting.

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