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|showname= tbd (I can't think of one!!! I still have time, right?!?)
|showname= Jolson's Variety Show! Because I can't decide on a theme!
|imagenote= Jolson42 (#1335329)
|imagenote= Jolson42 (#1335329)

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Jolson42 (#1335329)

 Show Name:  Jolson's Variety Show! Because I can't decide on a theme! 
 Prize Multi:  Jolson (#2412751) 

 Age:  23 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Perth, Western Australia 
 Twitter:  jolson42 (but I never use it, so don't bother I guess?) 

Show Times:
Mondays 10am-12pm, or check the Schedule

About Me

Jolson42 (the 42 is silent, from when I was in high school, and geeking out over Douglas Adams) is the FNG, as of September 5 2013! He might even remember to edit this when he is no longer the FNG!
He is a fan of games, both of the video and board varieties, puzzles, LEGO and origami. Do not ask him about these things unless you're sure you want lots of opinions.
When he's not being a DJ, he is a high school maths teacher (also a bit of computing). He has heard that there have apparently been a lot of maths teacher DJs. There may be some sort of conspiracy here. fnord
He also often volunteers at The Army Museum of Western Australia. He mostly runs the shop, and fixes computers, and knows very little about military things. Don't tell them that.


Jolson42 has a very broad range of music, occasionally deep too. His semi-regularly updated track list is available here.


As someone who loves puzzles and riddles, you can expect the occasional puzzle contest from Jolson42. Probably nothing too taxing, but be prepared!

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