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KolMohDee Retired from Radio KoL. His last show was the 5th of May 2011


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KolMohDee (KMD) was the DJ on Radio KOL's awesomest show Air Loathing.

The Birth of a Legend

Kolmohdee came to the game when Mikelio invited him into her clan from Live Journal. Within a week he had heard his first DJ, Vida Londres. After falling in love with her, he sent in an application to be a DJ... or "Guy who makes noise on teh radio" as he called it. Because the standards of hiring were WAY lower back then he was hired and was on the air less than a month after joining the game.

This made KMD the worst player in the game.

Some say he still is.

Contact him...sexily

Interview with MC Frontalot


Show Features and Running Jokes

  • Failed Theater Minor Theatre
  • Random Zepplin


  • Having sex with KMD is now considered the most ultra-rare item in the game.


  • Once did a 24-hour show on Radio KoL for some Hurricane Katrina relief fund. Helped raise over 25k dollars, and prove that "Every little bit counts." Which, funnily enough, is his motto for the sweet sweet lovin'
  • Collects tequila and once gave a bunch of it away to some people. This is true both in and out of the game. Because as KMD says "Bums are just some booze away from being good friends"
  • Broadcasted from high atop Mount Noob. **Note KMD is not Toot Oriole**
  • Depended on his cohost Meggery to keep his shit together and makes sure he didn't step outta line. Although many times she had to smack that bitch up. KMD steps outta line, Meggery lays the smack down. It worked out nicely.
  • Believes in Free Speech. If ever you heard a censored song played by KMD, let him know. Loud and fast. He is deeply apologetic for playing censored songs.

Awesome swag of Awesomeness

  • Has a posse. http://www.zazzle.com/product/235356059962809625
  • And no, that isn't Divine, that's your internet celebrity KolMohDee. Get one today, and be sure to wear it around him.
  • As every mirror he looks into breaks, it's the only way he can see himself.
  • No, but really, buy a shirt, all the cool kids are doing it, you should too!

The Destiny

It can be found writ on pages of human skin the destiny of KolMohDee. When the seas have dried into deserts and mountains leveled flat, KolMohDee will rise from his tomb. Born anew with super human strength, he will tear down the remaining towers of civilization to make way for the Hideous Lizard Men who roamed the earth before the days of men. Or at least, that's what I've heard.

Super important information

KMD was the hiring director for radio-kol. He has hired a ton of djs which he is too lazy to look up. If you are one of these DJ's please send KMD one half of your pay check, as per the pre-hiring agreement.

Just remember, he put you into this world, he can take you out!

KMD: The True KOL Radio Story

KMD is actually one of the newest DJs on Radio KOL. Most people don't even know he has a show and are surprised to hear him for the first time. His DJ style has been called a strange mix of the Best of Ryan Seacrest with the worst of Rick Dees. Often you hear him playing his mix of late 90's Top 40 interspersed with Mid 80's Top 40 and some late 70's Top 40.. He has been described as being "Radio Disneyesque" in his music choice but that is hard to nail down since so few people have actually heard his shows. His most common listeners are the DJ he is playing after.. and sometimes the DJ playing after him.. his one loyal listener Tarpo, is known to be a saint and the true reflection of all the makes KMD a potential great DJ if he keeps at it for 4 or 5 more years. For now KMD is content to be the bar other DJs are based against, much to their delight. Oh.. and he is Jewish or something.

The Rickroll

On 12/12/2007 KolMohDee was requesting listeners send him some Dread Zepplin tracks since he had none in his cavernous harddrive of terrible music. His most popular and loyal listener replied to this request with a renamed copy of a popular 80s song by singer Rick Astley. KMD actually played this song on air for close to 10 seconds before confirming to the public that he was successfully Rickrolled. This event was sadly unable to be saved for future generations to listen to but shall forever be remembered as one of the most satisfying moments of payback in world history.

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