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Krakmunky69 Retired from Radio KoL. His last show was the 21st of July 2012

The Funky Munky

 Show Name:  The Krak House 
 Prize Multi:  krakhead #2138206 

 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Rhode Island 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
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KrakMunky69 was born a small child and quickly grew to a freakish size. Using his massive size Krak conquered Spain as the leader of a viking clan. During his various adventures on the road to Spain Krak defeated the Kraken claiming "Krak" was his name.

July 14th 2010 the airwaves of RKoL were graced with Krak's sweet sweet voice for his first show.

KrakMunky is a destroyer of souls. Much like that Soul Reaver dude in the PS2 game, but just bigger and more "will smash your head like". On the average 7 souls are consumed a day.

Krak's head is not shaved. One day he flexed his hair out. It was amazing, and 4 bears were killed in the process.


Bubble gum pop, House, Metal, HipHop and everything else that doesn't suck.




collecting fake fake vomit, ninja mops, all-purpose cleaners, Gnollish autoplungers, Gnollish plunger, handfuls of sawdust, pails, skeleton keys, and skeleton key rings for the janitor collection.

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