Lady Arsenic

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Lady Arsenic

 Show Name:  Arse in your Face 
 Prize Multi:  DJArsey (#1909781) 

 Age:  30 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  MEL-bn, uh-STRAYL_yuh 
 Twitter:  mscharlie 

Show Times:
Sunday 10pm-2am (AUEST Monday 2-6pm)
Wednesday 6-8am (AUEST 10pm-midnight)
Thursday 6-8am (AUEST 10pm-midnight)
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Lady Arsenic is 30, and still has no fucking idea what she wants to be when she grows up. Despite this (and not without rather a lot of help from her trusty sidekick CBomb), she manages to greet the world with her middle finger held high, and a big smile on her face. This may also be due to the antidepressants she's been taking for four years.

Lady Arsenic, or 'Arsey' to her friends (this does not mean YOU), is so opinionated that she often claims to have opinions on things she hasn't even thought about, yet. That said, she *does* know what she's talking about when it comes to linguistics and politics. She has worked as a union organiser, a retail maven, an office administrator, and was campus president at university, where she provided everyone with lots of free beer and therefore found it extremely easy to get laid.

Lady Arsenic lives with Mr Arsenic and an insane kitten named Winsauce the Practice Baby, and if she can keep the kitten alive for one more year, Mr Arsenic says he will let her have an actual human baby of her very own.


Lady Arsenic has something of everything, but that doesn't mean she likes it. Hip-hop is her favourite genre, especially Aussie hip-hop and east-coast US hip-hop. Gangsta rap is not hip-hop (but she does have most of the good examples from that genre, also). She also likes jazz, classical (mostly from the Baroque period), 80s pop, and 60s and 70s rock. Mr Arsenic has also brought her around to Tool, although she still thinks that The Mars Volta sounds like someone strangling mangy cats down a well.


Send all requests in .mp3 format to If she recognises the artist or the song, and she thinks she will like it, she might play it on her show, but she's particular about her music, and she can be spiteful, so don't expect any favours.


Lady Arsenic is lazy as fuck, and is therefore famous for her very own 'Timer' game. She will set a timer for a random time in the next alloted period, and whoever is contributing to chat in a constructive way when the timer goes off will get a spot in a roll-off to determine an overall winner. The winner usually wins something fancy, like an IotM or a Radio item, and the runners-up usually win something less awesome, but still cool. This all depends on Arsey's mood and her stash of appropriate prizes (prizes! prizes!), so if you a) behave nicely and b) donate to her prize multi then she will be more likely to provide nice things for the listeners.


Lady Arsenic collects cups of infinite pencils and socks. If you want to curry favour with her, you will send her these things, and she may reward you by remembering to say 'thank you'. She will, whether she remembers or not, be very grateful.

Elsewhere on the Intarwebs

Lady Arsenic has a KoL-related blog at livejournal under the username TheLadyArsenic. She tweets as MsCharlie, but her posts are restricted to friends, so you might never get to see anything she has to say there. She has a fabulous blog about her life working in retail at, but her real identity is a secret. You can try to friend her on AIM at djarsey, although you should be prepared for total rejection.

If you can find Lady Arsenic anywhere else on the net, good work. Those are supposed to be hidden, and you are a total nerd for uncovering them. Gold star to you!


Lady Arsenic hates Jews, and is currently at war in a funny way with KMD, who hates Arabs. But not really.

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