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Laureth (#239882)

 Show Name:  The ADD Shiny Show 
 Prize Multi:  Tiny Plastic Laureth (#477502) 

 Age:  timeless 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Northern Woods 
 Twitter:  laurethjezebelle 

Show Times:
Most Weekends and some long cover shifts. (EST)



As a mermaid, raised by wild hippies, and most often found deep in the woods, or immersed in water, Laureth was a druid

before she knew what druidry was. Never forgetting her child like wonder at the magic in the world around her, she was a

strange little girl, emo before there was emo and goth before there was goth. Often found wandering in graveyards, forests,

streams and other bodies of water. One thing she has learned is that the magic of music is to set and change moods.

Teh Tunes

  • What You Will Hear: Music from classical (infrequently)1920s to contemporary, depending on how manic depressive she feels. A song must either have great lyrics or a great sound to move her soul. and change her mood. Spoken word recordings of authors and poetry, punk, ska, rock, indie, alternative, grunge, metal; death and melodic, rockabilly, Irish music, folk, blues, jazz, house, electronica, World music and a bunch more!!! Yes, requests ARE welcome, although any requests that fall into the below category will be unlikely to be played.
  • What You Probably Will Never EVER Hear: Disco. The Beatles, Elvis, Journey, Bon Jovi and Metallica. Most country and rap, although exceptions have been made. Only immense bribes or compelling reasons will ever make her play something she hates.

KoL History

I started playing KOL October 2nd of 2004 after learning about it as a mime held captive by a clown. I haven't seen any clown shoes or smelled any greasepaint recently but I still collect clown hammers just in case. I admit, I'm no powerplayer. I still love it here, even if I don't play as intensively as others. I lurk more in deep dark recesses of irc than in the bright light of game chat, however when armed with dark glasses and fortified by worshipping at the shrine of the Goddess Caffeina, I summon the power to brave the shiny and distracting bright lights of /radio. I discovered radio immediately,and spent many many years as a happy listener supplying DJs with music from her immense collection before ascending to DJhood in October of 2012. While every one of my fellow djs inspire me in their unique ways, Jezebelle, Haplo, Fusilliban, SeltzerDukeand larzdapunk were the shows I remember listening to in th first flush of what became a hard core addiction. Newer DJS I enjoy include Torturelini, Kakadesu, and JaneCoder. I'm way wicked powerless to resist the spell of the The Violet Fog (as well as The Mutant Hippy Psychic Warlord), and enjoy tormenting my Nemesis,Omnifrog, although he's really one of my best friends. He IS the Craig Ferguson to my Geoff Peterson. Even though I've started enjoying the game again, I have played on and off for a while.I found IRC chat pretty quickly, as I was an irc user back in the 90's (when I apparently met KolMohDee). Since then I've met oodles of kick ass wonderful people, many of the Djs who eventually inspired me to explore the possibility of becoming a DJ. I made an aircheck for Prima Vera Angelhair and Jezebelle, for which I completely blame My Nemesis. I got hired and had my first show in October of 2012. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, inspiration, assistance and most of all thank the Frog if you enjoy my show. Because I blame peer pressure and in this case peer pressure says "Ribbit".


  • Requests must be sent to
  • Requests should be in an MP3 format as well as be properly tagged (.wma or .wav are acceptable but not preferred).
  • The Subject Line or Body of the E-Mail must include the Artist and Song Name of the song you are sending/requesting.
  • The Body of the E-Mail should include your KoL Player Name so as to know who is requesting the song.

Don't want to send an email? You can ask her in chat to play you a song (if she has it)!



== The "I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today" (to enter this) Contest!== How does this work? I will announce the beginning and end of this contest by used of a TV/Movie sound-clip, and on the air. Who is entered? Anyone who; emails, messages me in any way I can be messaged, or comments or requests in any way! In short, if you play KOL, type words somewhere and I can catch you, you're entered! You will never know if you're entered or not, unless I tell you! (Yes, I AM stalking you, Hahahaha) Then, at the very next talky bit, I will ask chatbot to roll between any entries for a lucky winner! Of course you could just tell me you want to enter too, if you want to be sure I see you :D

== The Annual November Flying Turkey GiveAway from (WKRP to RKOL)! TURKEYS!

== The Crimbo Extravaganza 3.0== Poor Jezebelle I've begged to be the new larzdapunk for The Crimbo Extravaganza! Crimbo 2014!

    • Contest Info v3.0!! But always be sure to Watch the forums for more information about contests and giveaways: **


Donations can be sent to her prize multi, Tiny Plastic Laureth (#477502).


1. clown hammers
2. clown harnesses
3. clownskin
4. ennui chips
5. all sorts of charrrm items

Don't forget these would go to Laureth, not Tiny Plastic Laureth (#477502)!

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