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Lilac (#310734) is a Radio KoL listener who has also produced several KoL-themed parody songs. Despite all evidence to the contrary, he is actually male.



Back in December 2004, Mr Skullhead hosted a Crimbo song parody contest where the only rule was "no 12 Days of Christmas". Lilac won the first prize, an original Crimbo pressie, with written lyrics for "Hark, the Players Want Some Bling". This paved the way for another Skully contest in early 2005, where Lilac's first recorded song "The Longest Fight" again won first prize (a full set of Radio Regalia). "Hole in the Sky" was conceived soon afterwards, and thus began a not-so-illustrious singing/songwriting career.

In early 2006, Lilac re-recorded and re-mastered Hole in the Sky and An Adventurer is You with a new mic and re-mastered 10/05, tired of the poor recording and mastering quality of the tracks' previous incarnations. These three songs, along with Proud Troll, Ascension, and empathy (Fetus Mix), became Smell the Flowers, a limited-run CD-R sold for $1 at the March '06 KoL con "Meat Me in St. Louis".



  • Smell the Flowers (2006)



  • "The Longest Fight" (2005) (parody of Billy Joel's The Longest Time)
  • "Hole in the Sky" (2005) (parody of A Whole New World from Disney's Aladdin)
  • "An Adventurer is You" (2005) (parody of I'll Make a Man Out of You from Disney's Mulan)
  • "10/05" (2005) (parody of Bowling for Soup's 1985)
  • "Shiny Haplo People" (2005) (parody of R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People, by request from Haplo)
  • "Proud Troll (Flamin' on the Forums)" (2006) (parody of CCR's Proud Mary)
  • "empathy (Fetus Mix)" (2006) (TaQ's empathy with the famous "Beer Babies" monologue)
  • "Ascension" (2006) (parody of Reflection from Disney's Mulan)
  • "Accordion Man" (2007) (parody of Billy Joel's Piano Man)


  • "Picture" (2005) (Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow) (for ADeadHeart's first (?) karaoke contest)
  • "Something" (2006) (Lasgo) (for ADeadHeart's "Skaraoke" sex-change karaoke contest)
  • "Hovering Sombrero" (2006) (They Might Be Giants) (for Mr Skullhead's Karaoke Contest 2.0)
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