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Lillith Retired from Radio KoL. Her last show was the 21st of December 2010



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General Info

Lillith (#545953) was dragged into the Kingdom on a recommendation from a friend in late July of 2005. Dubious to the actual entertainment value of such a game, she somehow became fully addicted in about 3 hours. Within a week, she found herself also hooked on Radio KoL, to the point where she sought out receiving DJing experience elsewhere... which lasted for about four months before she found herself submitting an application to RKOL... though she honestly suspects they only hired her to keep her from attempting to dominate other DJ's play lists with requests.

Contest What?! Theme What?!

For the first schedule iteration of 2009, Lillith ran a weekly contest on Tuesdays to determine the theme for the Friday show. Thanks to all who participated to make this lots of fun!

Themes Used

09 January: Professions and other job-related goodness. Suggested by Rotinisha
16 January: Cities/Places Suggested by Majsju
23 January: The Beatles Suggested by Grimmy
30 January: Heaven & Hell Suggested by Majsju
06 February: Names (People, mainly) Suggested by MissPsy
13 February: No theme - Lillith took Tuesday off due to illness
20 February: Spaaaaaaaaaaace! Suggested by Nicomagi
27 February: (Missing) Body Parts Suggested by Joram
06 March: Cover Songs Suggested by claireducky
13 March: Fire! FIRE!!!!!!! Suggested by Nicomagi
20 March: Foreign Languages Suggested by Majsju
27 March: Kittehs! Suggested by Gannet Swift
03 April: End of the World/Armageddon Suggested by Perkysaurus

Listener Babble about Request-Related Piffle

Remember kiddos, all requests MUST be in .mp3 form and no rap, no Bananaphone, no country, no bubblegum pop, -NO- emo and nothing within the last 10 years. and I repeat: NO BANANAPHONE. She does know what to do with fire and WILL burninate you. Lillith broadcasts her shows in multiple languages - English, French, Russian, and if drinking - Slur (she says its a language). Repeat artists to show up on her show include Smashing Pumpkins, Angie Aparo, Pogues, Nightwish, and so on and so forth. Notable shows include one where she played versions of "Star of the County Down" and where she played the full 40+ minute of Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick"

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