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Lisslar Retired from Radio KoL. Her last show was the 31st of March 2010

[Lisslar and Twitch]

 Show Name:  Once You Go Lisslar... 
 Prize Multi:  token 

 Age:  23 or so she claims 
 Sex:  Yes 
 Location:  Eastern seaboard of the United States 
 Twitter:  lisslar 

Show Times:
Sunday and Wednesdays from 1pm-4pm EST and Saturdays from 9-midnight



Lisslar has brown skin. So she's not technically black, she's brown. But black for all national surveys. She's not African-American, but brown-skinned and American. Synonymous with Black. Sigh. There appears to be a pattern forming. >.> Some might call it a 'shtick.'

Li*zz*lahr is a nerd and also smarter than you. She's a dork, a geek, and all around has never really been in the in-crowd. Which is fine because her mother prepared her for life with the constant refrain, "You are a nerd, from a family of nerds. Your father was a nerd, your mother was a nerd. Your children will be nerds." Liss also has a superiority complex. #.#

This dark-skinned DJ *in comparison to other current DJs* has strong opinions and is flexible on most everything. She's an open-minded yet incredibly blunt nerdoppotamus who is terrible at debating, but pretty great at foreign languages.

The Liss has a toddler and a husband, several orchids and fish, all in a third-floor walk up with a secluded balcony and a view of a quiet forest with a creek running through it. The previous sentence was not the longest that she is capable of but she loves how easily the meaning can be convoluted.

Ask a question - the upside is that it's anonymous - the downside is that she'll answer anything.


The tunes on the Once You Go Lisslar... show are varied but are mostly recognizable 90s tunes with a few lo-fi indie tracks sprinkled in for flavor. The hidden agenda will always be to play one song by the bands Sarge, The Dismemberment Plan and B'ehl. Those three bands are currently defunct and will never reform.

Liss will avoid playing reggae at almost any cost. She is not above rickrolling or being rickrolled. This is partly why she does not preview requests before putting them on the air.

There are some bands that Liss won't play. Cause she doesn't like them. And she doesn't HAVE to do anything. So that's nice.

How do I connect to Radio KOL?


First, ask in a blue message if she has the track. If you want to skip that nonsense, send the track in .mp3 format to


If you think of one that she likes, she may in fact put it into action.

Drama Llamas

Lisslar is a fag hag. She loves teh gays. So watch what you say about them. She doesn't really care if you throw around 'rude' words, but if you start talking about the sanctity of marriage or some crap she will most certainly start playing incredibly mournful emo music until the end of the show.

Other than queers, Liss doesn't have many hot buttons. Her opinions are not for everyone and she loves having the freedom to disagree, which she allows everyone to use equally. Liss doesn't intend to say hurtful things and hopes that you don't either. Liss doesn't like hippies. >.>

Liss is usually the last one to know about drama and the first one to ignore it or run as far away as fast as possible.

The 'Lar is an atheist. She and her husband are members of the Church of Gaming. She is raising her son to know that popular religous and cultural heroes are sweet sentiments built by historians of winning factions. The greatest hero one can have is oneself.

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